A cannabis cafe is a neat first date

Sometimes I ask my dad just what it was that made him ask my mom to share his life as well as start a family with him, however each time he would invariably get this little, sort of a wry smile as well as a twinkle in his eye.

And then he would say wistfully that he just knew somehow, as if there was simply no doubt at all. I finally had that feeling just a short year ago inside the local cannabis cafe. This was where I had a first date with Lexy, the lady who is soon to share my life. We’ll see about starting a family though. I met Lexy in yoga class where my great friend and I became sort of yoga buddies. That was so cool. I cherish eating about half an edible before I go to yoga. There is just something about using indica products that help me get the truly most out of those yoga classes. And if you haven’t been taking any yoga classes lately, they ain’t cheap. So half a cannabis edible is like adding more value to my yoga work. Anyway, I guess I smile a lot when I’m a little high as well as this fabulous person named Lexy asked me to coffee. This wasn’t to a grab a water or stand in the parking lot. No, this was to meet on a Sunday morning as well as spend the AM together as well as maybe the PM. Lexy picked the spot as well as I couldn’t have been more satisfied that it was my number one fave cannabis cafe in town. Yea, it didn’t even take me til supper before I just knew Lexy was The One. And honestly, it was just as my dad had said it would be. I knew this was going to be legit.