Access to cannabis dispensary was a long time coming

When you’ve waited as long as I have for legal access to marijuana and marijuana products, now is a fantastic time to be alive.

It’s a charming afternoon off and just a perfect park afternoon.

I system a picnic with a buddy a few afternoons before in anticipation of such a charming afternoon. The weather is just right and the buddy is one of our favorite people on earth. She meets me at our apartment and both of us get our stuff together to head out and have a park afternoon in the sunshine. On the way, both of us stop by the local cannabis spot in order to get the sort of special cannabis product that will simply add to such a spectacular afternoon. Then, both of us head off to have just an epic afternoon. This sounds pretty fantastic right? I would never have dreamed that this could be a reality like a decade ago. And now, that is the afternoon I’m having this week. It’s a reality because our state government finally came to their senses when it comes to recreational marijuana. Now, anyone of age has access to a marijuana business. It started with medical marijuana and both of us would not be here now had it not been of those brave pioneers. There were a lot of people who put reputations on the line as well as a lot of energy to get medical marijuana passed. That went so incredibly well in this state that our government legalized recreational marijuana use. So our buddy and I are going to stop on the way to the park to choice out a charming marijuana edible to share as both of us soak up all that sun, green skies and fantastic companionship.

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