Author: Jason

Benefits of tinctures

I am currently going through menopause and dealing with insominia, hot flashes, head aches and muscle cramps Tinctures have been a common form of medicine since ancient times. Today, cannabis tinctures are gaining popularity for portability, discretion and convenience. Tinctures are created by steeping cannabis in alcohol and are ingested orally in a variety of […]

Getting interested in concentrates

As I’ve gotten more familiar and comfortable with different types of cannabis consumption methods, I’ve become more adventurous. Rather than strictly smoking flower, I’ve tried various tinctures, edibles and vapes. Just recently, I started looking into concentrates. There are so many options for concentrates that it’s a little overwhelming. I did some research and learned […]

Figuring out favorite strains

I suffer from migraines and mild anxiety. I am very fortunate that recreational marijuana is legal in my state. I didn’t need to spend the time or money to see a doctor to verify symptoms I’m well aware of. I wasn’t forced to fill out a bunch of forms and wait to receive a medical […]

Cannabis topicals for arthritis relief

I have developed issues with arthritis in my hands. The fingers of my right hand often feel tight, stiff and sore. They swelled up to the point where I needed to cut my rings off. I know there are medications available, but I’m unwilling to take pharmaceuticals. Instead, I looked into more natural remedies and […]

A fan of pre-rolls

While I’ve always been a fan of smoking traditional cannabis flower, I’m no expert at rolling a joint. I either pack too much or too little bud, roll the joint too tight or too loose and usually end up with a great deal of mess and waste. Just attempting to create a joint requires a […]