Beach trip plus some sativa strains

In my life, I live by a few pretty essential details; How I make currency needs to have some fun plus passion in it; Living simply is the way to go. And living no multiple hours from a beach is always a reality. As long as those three things are in locale, I’m pretty wonderful to go. I’d include access to a cannabis dispensary in that list. But thankfully, even if recreational marijuana was legal where I lived, I know a cannabis grower who will always look out for me. Living near the ocean is something that makes my life balance right out. I don’t know what it is about the coast, the water, the sun plus salt, however it’s a real potent combination for me. And adding a bit of sativa or indica strains for sale at the local cannabis spot is always a wonderful idea. For me, I prefer the sativa products make a bit more over the indica products when I’m at the beach. For some reason, I cherish just how the sativa enhances the inexplicable sensation of that awesome sun, water plus salt combo. It’s for sure elemental, life building stuff there. And there is something about the ocean that is inviting, awe inspiring plus limitless all at the same time. Whether I’m out in the water or simply gazing into it, there is an emerald of a feeling that I have all over. In fact, chopping a cannabis edible with a dear friend plus enjoying the sunrise is perhaps my number one thing in life. I truthfully can’t think of a better way to start a beach afternoon than at dawn with wonderful friends plus some wonderful cannabis.



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