Cannabis beverages for stress

I used to have such anxiety at work, but i work in a cubicle-like setup and it is a hardcore workday… Everything is piled onto you and you are going pedal to the metal at all times! You have no one genuinely to talk to or any distractions, however the cubicle starts to feel quite suffocating; My anxiety is going to be a real problem after a while.

  • I started researching what I could do to relieve my symptoms.

That is how I found that cannabis is good for soothing the mind and body. I debated on what kind of form to take. Do I smoke at the office? I didn’t genuinely want to get a vape or even worse a joint from my basket and smoke outdoors. I didn’t want to munch on a pot brownie in the breakroom. I needed something discreet. That is how I came across THC infused beverages. There are cannabis beverages with a blend of CBD and THC. They are a good source of weed in an easy form. They look like a normal pop can with an extra punch. I can buy a four pack quite cheap at the recreational weed shop near me. I get grapes, cherries, strawberries, and lemons most of the time. I like varying it up a bit. I drink my cannabis beverage at the start of my work day and get a top off around lunch time, by the time five rolls around, I am back to normal and good to drive; None of my co-workers suspect a thing. I am totally cheerful, calm and relaxed. It feels like the most natural thing in the world.



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