Cheap cannabis products still get myself and others high

When I was a kid, my friends plus I smoked marijuana plus the people I was with and I used whatever product the people I was with and I could get our hands on, then sometimes it was actually nice marijuana plus other times the plant tasted like it grew in a ditch. I always got a nice buzz even from the cheap cannabis products plus that is still the same this week even though recreational marijuana it has been legalized for 6 years. I use a recreational marijuana product every single day to help myself and others sleep. I still find that the cheaper products are just as effective as the a singles that are more expensive, they might not taste as nice or have the prettiest appearance, but they still get the job done. I have been using a lot more marijuana lately, because I have had trouble sleeping. A lot of the trouble is due to anxiety plus panic attacks. I have been worrying about some projects that are due at the end of the month plus I’m not sure that my team plus I are going to finish in time. I’m upset that the boss is going to hold this against myself and others when it comes time to evaluate my performance for a raise. I actually want to get a raise, because I have been thinking about proposing to my lady. There is a ring at the jewelry store that I like plus I can order it if I have a nice down payment. If I get a performance raise, it will come with a bonus plus I want to use that money to get the ring.
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