Do I need an appointment for the marijuana dispensary?

I had never been to a marijuana dispensary before, and I didn’t know the protocol.

The pain doctor helped me get a medical marijuana ID card after my car accident.

I lost my leg when a man was driving drunk and hit me in the driver’s side door. He was doing eighty miles an hour when he went through a red light. I was having a lot of phantom pain. The doctor showed my husband how to massage the missing leg to help with the discomfort, but medical marijuana was prescribed. I was going to be fitted with a prosthetic and taught how to walk again, but that was a couple of months in the future. I asked him if I needed an appointment for the marijuana dispensary. He told me I could go on their website and check for the hours. He also wanted me to research the marijuana products. He said I should get a product that was high in CBD, since CBD would help with the pain. I went on the marijuana dispensary website and looked at their products. I didn’t need an appointment, but I had to present my medical marijuana ID card before entering the building. My husband was my medical marijuana caretaker, and he went with me. I told them what marijuana products I was interested in and explained the reason for using medical marijuana. They brought out a pharmacist who recommended some other marijuana products that would help when I started my physical therapy. She understood where I was coming from, since she lost her leg while in the Army. I liked the people at the marijuana dispensary.

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