Encouraging the elderly to try cannabis products

It’s never too late to start smoking weed.

Thanks to legalization efforts across the country more people than ever before have access to legal cannabis.

There are millions of Americans who have never sampled weed before, because it was illegal, or they had been convinced it was dangerous. Now the word has gotten out that cannabis is beneficial to humans in the right doses, and weed is more popular than ever. I know there may be some older folks out there who are still nervous about taking the plunge. I am here to talk you through it, and tell you how to have the best possible time with cannabis. First of all – you don’t have to smoke marijuana at all. This is a free country, and never let anyone peer pressure you into trying something that makes you uncomfortable. Second – cannabis is not addictive, and is impossible to overdose on. Cannabis is the safest recreational drug to use, so you don’t have to fear it being dangerous. The authorities spread lies about the dangers of marijuana for decades, but none of that is true. If you have a weak constitution or lungs and don’t feel it is safe to smoke marijuana, don’t worry because there are dozens of alternatives! The science behind cannabis production has ramped up in the last few years, and there is a wide variety of smokeless cannabis products. Cannabis gummies, drinks, lozenges, oils, waxes, and creams are all available, and don’t impact your lungs whatsoever. Just because you didn’t get high when you were young doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it now!
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