France Will Soon Replace Marijuana Arrests With Fines Nationwide

French President Emmanuel Macron

PARIS — The government of newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron announced intentions to soon replace marijuana arrests with fines nationwide.

Police in France will soon issue a simple ticket for the use and possession of marijuana.  Offenders will no longer face possible prison time or court convictions.

France’s Minster of the Interior Gérard Collomb said Wednesday the newly implemented government wants to implement nation wide cannabis policy, a campaign promise of Macron, within the next three to four months.

The move to a ticket-only offense is supported by the UNSA Police union, who have long pushed for the change in policy.  In a statement issued Wednesday evening, the union called the current process of arrest and prosecution cumbersome and time-consuming, noting that criminalizing marijuana possession was not effective in combating drug trafficking.

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