Getting into the weed business – partnering in a cannabis dispensary

Never in my life had I imagined getting into the weed business. The fact that I was younger made it even more exciting. For some reason the days I skipped school to get high made a bit of sense even though I wouldn’t do that now. Back then in the university things were busy but I still experimented with all kinds of substances without caring if they were legal or not. After my graduation I quit experimenting with drugs, and would rarely indulge in alcohol drinking, but still continued with cannabis smoking. It is somehow calming and the fact that marijuana helps with my stress management made me continue. So imagine my joy and surprise when someone invited me to an investment opportunity to start a cannabis dispensary. It was definitely one major risk, since I needed to “buy in” to the cannabis shop and this meant taking “money out” of all my investments, including the 401k, and other retirement funds. It also meant accepting not to receive a salary for several months. Even though this was going to be a major risk on my part, I already decided to move into the new cannabis dispensary business. I was well aware that it takes most startup businesses a couple of months to start turning a profit, and a cannabis shop is no different. My partners and I worked long hours without any returns as we tried to deliver the best customer services while at the same time developing a loyal stream of regulars for the cannabis shop. Slowly but surely our work and commitment is starting to pay off, and the cannabis sales are increasing gradually each month. If things keep going on this way, very soon the cannabis shop should be profitable for us to begin paying ourselves. After that we can now consider bringing in more workers and budtenders to replace us at the shop.

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