Getting the hybrid strain of cannabis known as Two Wolves

Each weekend my pals and I enjoy visiting the Res to have fun.

The Res is what we call the local Native American tribal reservation.

Many hundred years ago the US government settled with the indigenous people, plus ceded them some land; What’s interesting to me is that the Res, and all tribal lands, are considered to be sovereign and different from the rest of the country. They can make their own laws to suit their needs. We enjoy going to the Res because they have an amazing casino, and the best cannabis dispensary I’ve ever seen in my life. The cannabis shop on the Res is run by an old man called Ben, and each time I visit the location he is always present. I believe he is the only employee running the cannabis shop, or he is the owner and playing cheap to spend money for employees! I often visit the cannabis shop to get everything I need before going into the casino. I do this since by the time I leave the casino I am always broke. Therefore, it makes much more sense to purchase cannabis first. Failure to do this may mean driving home broke & sober, but also empty-handed. The last time I was in the Res cannabis shop, Ben told me he just got a new strain of locally cultivated sativa ‘’Two Wolves’’. He told me it was a certain hybrid cannabis flower, and that it would make me feel heavenly. He also made me promise to not smoke any of this cannabis before I got home, because it had the potential to make me too high to drive.



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