Happy to live in a recreational cannabis state

I recently moved to a new state.

I didn’t realize all the perks that came with living in a new state.

I went from a northern, highly regulated state to a looser western state. Where I used to live was mainly cold 90% of the time. The food was good but there wasn’t much to do for fun. It also was hard to do anything. When COVID was an issue my state was the strictest with its laws. Now that I live in a new state, things are amazing. The weather is gorgeous and I can go to the beach, amusement park, outdoor mall or movie theater. I love that all the laws are quite lax here and the people are friendlier. What is especially neat is that I recently figured out that I am currently in a recreational cannabis state. I went from medical cannabis only to recreational marijuana. Now I can just walk into a cannabis dispensary, flash my ID and get what I want. That convenience is just amazing. I will admit, I am not a big time cannabis user. I don’t want to get high and party with marijuana. I only want it for medical purposes. It is nice that I don’t need to go through all the paperwork and pay a fee in my new state. I can buy a tincture for sleep, a topical for cramps and a cannabis oil for anxiety if I want to. I don’t need to waste time and chat with a doctor. That might be the best part of my move to this western state.

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