How we hired our new budtenders

A chain is only as strong as the weakest link, or so they say. This phrase has been on the wall of my office door and has been a reminder to keep me focused. I own this great store that runs perfectly because of the component staff working for me. I believe that one poor employee has the capacity to destroy what the whole team has built through hard work which is why I dont play when it comes to my hiring practices. I also hold people to a strict high standard. This may appear odd to many but as the owner of a cannabis shop I need people with a laser-focus because unlike many others, I don’t smoke the weed but simply sell it. Over the weekends, or whenever I travel, then I can enjoy some cannabis, but never during working hours at the shop. In the same manner, I do not expect my employees to get high at work. While it surprises many that someone working at a cannabis dispensary would never get stoned, it is something I require and expect from my staff during working hours. I need them to be very alert when managing the cannabis shop. My team should always be professional, so all the people who visit us know we are serious about quality cannabis, as well as quality customer service! To guarantee that my budtenders stay motivated and sober, I give them a monthly bonus of free cannabis to enjoy away from the shop. All they have to do is be on time, stay sober, for an entire month, and I give them $110 worth of any cannabis, whichever strain they choose. After all, good morale at work helps to keep the team happy and connected.

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