I am a pre-roll joint personality

I am not the most careful of people.

I am constantly banging into things, dropping stuff and causing damage.

I just don’t seem to pay attention to where my feet and hands are. I am not very good at precision work. Knitting, hitting a nail and cutting up vegetables are all things I am just really bad at. I like smoking marijuana in flower form. I really like the feeling of a joint. It is easy to carry around and smoke. I like the mouthfeel and the high I get from it. For a while I was trying to save money by rolling my own joints. I bought the flower in loose form, the rolling papers and got to work. I was constantly telling myself to be more careful. I tried not to go crazy with the flower and waste it. I typically lost half my product to the flower and my joints were always obnoxiously big. I never could get a good ratio. Finally I decided that I am a pre-roll joint type of gal. They aren’t that much money and every cannabis dispensary I have been in offers them. I can get a variety of flavors and a whole pack or just one joint if I want. It is way more efficient for me. I don’t lose any of the products I buy. I also can stuff a joint in my purse and not worry about debris everywhere. I just had to realize my limitations. I am not someone that can roll a really nice joint.

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