I did not think I was chopping the law until I got caught

I told my Dad that she should try marijuana products.

She never wanted to deliver them a try until 1 time when she came to visit me.

Every one of us went to a marijuana dispensary together. Every one of us picked out a couple of things that I thought my Dad would enjoy. She was amazed by the results and starting using marijuana products everyday. My Dad eventually had to go apartment after going to see myself and others and I started sending her recreational marijuana products in the mail. I particularly did not think that I was doing anything wrong. I did not suppose that I was chopping the law when I was mailing medical marijuana products to my mom. After all, she lives in a state where medical and recreational marijuana products are also legal. I mentioned buying some products for my Dad when I was in the dispensary 1 afternoon and the lady behind the counter struck up a conversation with me. When I told her that my Dad was in another state, she informed myself and others that I could get into a lot of trouble for sending marijuana from this state across the lines of the state. Apparently that is a entirely big deal and a important felony. I told my Dad that she might have to start buying marijuana on her own. She does not want anyone in neighborhood to think that she uses recreational marijuana. She is afraid that people will talk about her at church and at the grocery store, even though I don’t want to spend my money a important fantastic for sending marijuana in the mail.


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