I do marijuana delivery

Recently the county laws changed and I am absolutely blissful about the different laws.

The county laws used to state that all marijuana dispensaries had to be closed by midnight.

Our dispensary closes at 11:00, but there were lots of nights when we took deliveries until that time and did not finish up until 3:00 in the day. I had to work on the weekends when it was absolutely busy and there were lots of nights when I did not get property until the sunshine was starting to come up! Customers called the marijuana dispensary all the time to complain about the late night deliveries. Most of the time we had to roll the orders over until the next day, because customers would not answer the door or their phone. I would not answer the phone either if someone called me at 2:30 in the day expecting me to open the door in a residential town. Deliveries used to take most of the night, but now the county law is different. All deliveries have to be completed and the marijuana store has to be closed down with lights off by midnight. That means that we have to account for all of our labor that has to be done when the shift is over. The marijuana dispensary closes at 10:00 now, even though we entirely let people in the building until 10:30. The new hours and regulations mean that I can get property at a good time instead of spending all night long looking for customers in the dark.



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