I grew up on the West Coast, five miles from the beach. I l received how to surf on the waves when I was 5 years old. I hung out in the city with my friends as well as rode my skateboard. I met my bestie when both of us were seniors in high university. My bestie as well as I did not attend the same high university, however both of us lived in the same apartment building. Every one of us met a single day in the park as well as talked on the cellphone that night for many hours. Every one of us started dating as well as eventually became a couple. When I was 21 years old, I applied for a medical cannabis card. I was approved as well as started using medical cannabis officially. My bestie was using medical cannabis as well, however not every single day. She was trying to find a full-time task close to home.Every one of us were surprised when she was provided a position halfway across the country. The task offer was too relaxing to turn down, so both of us packed all of our items into a tiny U-Haul as well as drove to the middle of the country, and luckily, both of us are still in a state with medical cannabis.

Unluckyly, the prices of medical cannabis are absolutely fancy over here.

I’m paying twice as much for the same items that I was purchasing in a medical cannabis shop on the west coast.

The worst area about that problem is the selection. I used to have access to hundreds of cannabis products as well as now the selection is scarce. Most of the medical cannabis shops have a few odd types of dried flower as well as concentrate, however they easily don’t have a selection savor they did on the West Coast.