I have a family member with epilepsy who relies on CBD products for relief

I think my cousins might have some of the most health problems out of my whole family.

The youngest has a heart condition, the middle child is an asthmatic that gets sick constantly, and the oldest cousin is stricken with epilepsy and regular seizures as a result.

He had to take all sorts of medications so that he was able to attend school like a normal kid. But back then most of those drugs gave him terrible side effects, especially lethargy and fatigue. When you have a problem that is severe and you need a way to get the seizures to subside, you’re forced to make compromises with medications that make you feel worse in other ways compared to the relief you get medically. Thankfully there are more options these days for my cousin who has epilepsy. For one, the medications that his doctor prescribes have improved over the years. He takes a pill that only gives him minimal side effects compared to the medicine he took as a kid. However, he usually gets all of the relief he’s looking for with his CBD products that he gets from a trusted online source these days. He uses a potent CBD oil that he consumes and gives him strong effects for the duration of the day. If he feels like he needs to take more of the CBD oil, he simply consumes more for as-needed relief from his epilepsy symptoms. It’s hard to beat the effects from CBD and hemp when you have health problems like epilepsy to treat. He told me that I should try taking some CBD for my anxiety problems one of these days.
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