I have a thing for crazy girls

My last couple of girlfriends have been on the crazy side.

I hate to use the word crazy, but there really isn’t any other way to describe these women.

It seems like I have a knack for finding the women that cause drama in my life. They attract me like a polar magnet. A couple of years ago, I dated a woman named karen. I thought things were going well until I found out that she was going through my phone when we were having dinner. She tried to tell me that she was looking for a phone number, but it was weird and bizarre. We broke up shortly after that. After Karen, I dated Sarah for a year. Sarah was a lot different from Karen, but she didn’t take our breakup very well. When I told her that things were over, she smashed the tail lights of my car and took a baseball bat to the windshield. She caused almost $800 worth of damage to the car. I could have contacted the police and filed a report, but I chose not to contact the police and the matter. I filed an insurance report and they covered the damages after I paid my deductible. The last girlfriend that I had was the worst of them all. After we broke up, she came to the marijuana dispensary where I work and caused a huge scene. She started yelling and chasing me around the store. I thought I was going to lose my job, but thankfully the manager of the marijuana dispensary has some crazy ex’s too.