I have the motorcar I always wanted thanks to purple

Back in school, our friends and I started growing cannabis to smoke after class, it was a fun day interest and it gave us purpose.

Both of us started with one plant, but it grew hastily and easily.

Both of us had plants in every closet on the hour floor before the end of the semester and I was the king of a honestly lucrative and successful weed distribution operation, but eventually, I wanted to go legit. I had a school degree, some savings currency from our birthdays, and a knack for growing cannabis sativa plants. I didn’t guess where to start, so the first thing I did was have a consultation with a marijuana expert. The marijuana expert asked myself and others a lot of odd questions. They gave myself and others some helpful information and told myself and others the rates for helping with a project. They told myself and others that it was going to be a lot of taxing work, effort, time, and currency to see our dream all the way to the end. It is not an straight-forward feat to open a cannabis business. I spent nearly $40,000 trying to obtain a permit from the state to grow and sell our own marijuana strains, then unfortunately, the state would not provide myself and others a permit to sell marijuana, but my only option was to grow the plants and sell them to a medical marijuana harvesting cell facility. The cannabis consultant recommended myself and others to continue trying to apply for a dispensary license oh, but he also felt it was a good idea to set up a couple of supplier relationships with local harvesting and packaging facilities.


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