I love all forms of cannabis

When it comes to cannabis I am a fan.

I love all forms of the marijuana plant.

A topical is a really good option if you have sore muscles or issues with chronic pain. It is applied directly to the skin and creates a cooling effect. Think of it as a more powerful icy hot or heating pad. I like smoking a cannabis flower because the process of rolling a joint is just so soothing to me. I save a little money not needing to buy pre-rolls at the store too. Cannabis oil is when I want to be a little lazy. You just vape it and can have instant weed relief. It heats the oil to where the bad parts of the cannabis plant are no longer getting into your lungs either. It is a safer and cleaner approach. You have to love edibles though. For me I love their diversity. You don’t even need to stick with the typical pot brownie approach. There are other CBD and THC infused baked goods. You can get pies, cookies and cakes. There are THC gummies and CBD capsules that are easier to bring on the go. There are mouth sprays, gums, mints and hard candies. I am a fan favorite of the cannabutters and cannabis cooking oils though. It is just so easy and fun to splash cannabis in a dish that I am making. I can melt the butter and make a creamy sauce with it. I also can use cannabis oil when I am frying meat, vegetables or making homemade burgers. It is so easy to introduce a little weed and it always makes the dish taste better.
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