I needed a couple of things from the store

It is easily one of my favorites

I planned to stop at the marijuana dispensary on my way home from work a couple of days ago. I didn’t want to go anywhere on the weekend, because I knew that we were expecting to have some rain in the forecast. I wasn’t exactly sure if the rain was going to come in the morning or at night, but I knew that there was an 80% chance that we were going to have rain at least at some point during the day. I got busy working on some briefs at the office and I lost track of time. Traffic was a nightmare on the way home and I didn’t have time to stop at the marijuana dispensary. The next day I decided to contact a delivery service near me. I wanted to get a couple of things and I knew that the delivery service would have everything that I needed. I purchased a 100 mg canister of THC tincture. I purchased a bag of marijuana edibles. I also purchased three different grams of marijuana concentrate. I bought a sativa concentrate called Blue Dream and a hybrid concentrate called Girl Scout cookies. I also purchased an Indica concentrate called papaya. I love the sweet and fruity taste and smell of the papaya cannabis concentrate. It is easily one of my favorites. Since it is an indica, I can only use it at night. The delivery service had everything that I needed and I found a couple of pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes that looked interesting too. I ordered in the morning and I received all of my products before the afternoon.

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