I needed change from the order

My friends plus myself enjoyed the Tuesday night game plus everyone of us ran directly out of pot.

  • Every one of us were going to go to the pot shop when everyone of us remembered the pot shop was offering free delivery.

Every one of us went online to look at the Sales Plus daily specials. The cannabis shop had a delivery Zone that included our condo. Every one of us needed to spend at least $75. My friends plus myself each ordered several items, and every one of us had no issues getting to the minimum amount for our order. A store sales clerk called my friends plus myself to confirm our purchase plus order total. The person at the store reminded my friends and I that it was absolutely necessary to have cash for the delivery driver. My friends plus myself went to the corner store and used the ATM. When the driver showed up with our items, he had no change and was unable to provide us with the proper change for our order. The guy needed to give us $30 back, but he only had a couple of bucks in his pocket. My friends plus myself weren’t about to give that guy a huge tip, so we decided to tell the guy that he needed to go to his car. I didn’t expect exact change, but I wanted the guy to get a lot closer than a couple of bucks. When my friends plus myself realized that the guy was doing all he could to get a bigger tip, we were immediately upset about the problem.

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