I never thought I would use medical marijuana.

I don’t know anyone legitimately thinks that someday they will need medical marijuana.

  • I know some people who have been potheads since my friend and I were teenagers.

They often said they wished someday they would make recreational marijuana legal so they could buy it somewhere, but that isn’t the same as medical marijuana use… People who use medical marijuana have a medical condition that modern medicine can’t help. I’ve tried several over-the-counter and prescription medicines for insomnia. I will sleep well for one or two days and then I’m done. I sit awake for hours, afraid to get up and wake my partner; When I finally go to sleep, I wake up two hours later, and I am wide awake. If I slept past 4 AM and had gotten to sleep before 1 AM, I feel like I had gotten enough sleep! By breakfast time, my body is jumpy from lack of sleep, despite the fact that I can’t nap. Most medicines the healthcare expert has given me, makes me feel like I’m walking in a fog for most of the day. I have nightmares or I see people walking around the room, but they don’t talk to me, and over-the-counter medications do the same thing. The healthcare expert told me she wanted me to try CBD, although she wanted me to get it at the medical marijuana dispensary. She was sure the CBD would be purer and would work better than what you get in the store or pharmacy. I checked the pharmacy for CBD, but it was so costly that I almost fainted, but it was cheaper than going to the marijuana dispensary.

Medical Marijuana Certifications