It’s not easy growing cannabis at all

I am currently pushing 50 years old, so most of my memories of smoking pot are of the elicit kind. In the last five years the legalization process has been moving fast around the nation, however this is all still current to me. My whole life up until this point in time was about figuring a way to get weed, because it was honestly so difficult to find. I even tried growing my own a bunch of times, just to have a supply handy. All of those memories grow increasingly vague, now that there are cannabis dispensaries pretty much everywhere, & almost anyone can get legal weed. Thank goodness for that, because frankly I have neither the patience nor the skill to grow excellent cannabis! Some people have the impression that all it takes to grow marijuana is to plant seeds & then water them, or maybe turn on a sun lamp of some sort. That’s what I believed, too, until trying it out & coming to see that the results were weak & ineffectual cannabis not even worthy of smoking. When you invest all that time into a bit of cannabis & it turns out that poorly, it’s really discouraging. I am truly thankful to have the current cannabis dispensary in town, because it was too much work to grow my own, & now I don’t have to worry about that. Growing cannabis is not simple work, either, it is surprisingly work intensive. Growing the marijuana plants is just a part of the process, because then they had to be cut & dried in order to be ready to go.


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