Kim is passionate the cannabis

Who would have thought that I’d be cutting up an edible with Kim? It actually wouldn’t have been me that’s for certain.

While I had my suspicions that Kim smoked an honorable amount of recreational marijuana when he was in college, Kim wouldn’t reveal anything.

It was always wait until I was an adult before experimenting with cannabis. That had been his refrain from the time I was little until I left for college. And that’s pretty much the last time Kim and I entirely ever discussed cannabis until recently. I waited until my sophomore year to try recreational marijuana and I actually wasn’t disappointed in the experience. In fact, I kept a log of my recreational marijuana experiences throughout my adult life. Of course, I had to do it on the sly with my career and the fact that weed was illegal in all forms at that point. But when Kim got breast cancer, she got treated with indica products to help her through the chemo treatments. Fortunately, Kim had retired to a state where there was legal medical marijuana. Kim rallied and is now a proud Grandmother. The state they live in was one of the first to feel the success of using medical marijuana. And recreational marijuana was soon legalized as well. So I feel that’s how Kim ended up with a couple of cannabis edibles in his pocket when I recently visited him. It was a precious solo trip for me as I was in town for company business, and just stayed on a couple of extra days. Kim took me to a minor league baseball game and handed me half a cannabis edible with a wry smile once Kim and I settled into our seats.


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