Learning all about cannabis in retirement

When I left our outdated world behind, I genuinely left it behind.

But that was the easiest way to go about being retired in the way it all went down.

My spouse and I had planned to retire to a beautiful venue that both of us had our heart set on. It also happened to be in a state that has cannabis dispensaries. Medical marijuana and recreational marijuana are legal here. But that was genuinely not even on our radar. It was the natural beauty and all the fun both of us were going to have that influenced our choice. Then, our spouse died after a brief illness less than a year before both of us were set to retire. That was such a stunning turn of events that I’m still processing it and it’s been a couple of years. My kids and friends implored myself and others to stay put, grieve and heal up at home. But I thought moving to where both of us had planned to live was a better idea. Not only is there recreational marijuana here however it was a venue where I could simply start over. Not to say that it was easy. However, not long after I moved here, I happened into the local cannabis spot while out on a walk. Those people could not have been more kind a welcoming. Since I was there, I wanted to try cannabis again for the first time since college. They took wonderful care of myself and others and this venue is now our local cannabis spot for sure. It’s different now however it’s a lot less stress and a lot more smiles. And the sativa and indica products I get at the cannabis dispensary sure help with all that.


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