My cannabis oil pen was leaking on the side

Cannabis oil pens are a discreet way to use cannabis when you are out in public or on the go. Cannabis oil pens are usually a battery and a cartridge, the battery heats up cannabis oil inside of the cartridge and the oil turns into a vapor. The vapor is inhaled. The Vapor does not have as much odor as other forms of marijuana, so it can be a discreet way to medicate when you are on the go or outdoors, and I officially take my cannabis oil pen with me on the day when I am going to be out. I do not puff on the pen in public, but I will excuse myself or find a locale where no one else is sitting and take a couple of puffs. I met a couple of friends downtown and we were going to walk around for a couple of hours. I had the cannabis oil pen in the pocket of my shirt. I did not program to wear an overcoat and I did not want to put the cannabis oil pen in my pocket because my pants were form fitting; sometimes it definitely looks a little different and I have had a couple of stares and laughter… My friends and I were sitting at the wharf waiting for some fish and pretzels and someone observed that the cannabis oil pen was leaking. There was also a sizable yellow stain on my shirt. It was legitimately simple to see the stain and there was nothing that I could do to detach it. I then went to the bathroom and tried club soda. I also tried to use soap, however the stain did not go away.


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