My grandmother became a pot farmer for a living

Grandmother grew a few cannabis plants for her own personal use.

My parents decided to get a divorce when I was a kid, and I never found the reason why until 10 years later, when I was an adult. Youngsters are usually boxed out from pressing details in their own lives, under the cover of it being for their protection. As an adult, I learned so much more about my family than I had ever imagined. I once believed my parents and Grandparents were actually boring, lame people. It turns out they were hiding the truth from me, which was more interesting than finding out the reasons for the divorce. I also found out that Grandmother happened to be a cannabis farmer, and had been for twenty years or so. My Grandpa passed away before I was born, so I never met him, and when he was alive, he paid the bills. Grandmother grew a few cannabis plants for her own personal use. When he passed, she had no other way to pay the bills so she started selling the cannabis, and was surprised at how profitable it actually was! She started growing a great deal of cannabis crops, and spent numerous decades as a top supplier of the very best locally grown marijuana, and she said that despite what I had observed on TV, her cannabis career was completely free of violence or brushes with the law. She sold marijuana to the people in the community, and never had any issues in the slightest. She has long since retired from that business, however just like when she started, she grows very few cannabis plants for her own personal use all over again. And let me tell you, it’s the best I’ve ever tried.
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