My neighbor grows his own cannabis

I always made fun of my neighbor Ed because he was one of those sketchy “doomsday prepper” conspiracy theorists.

Once a month or so he would tell me about how society was going to crumble and fall very soon.

Usually he had an exact date for the end of society, often provided by QAnon or someone similar. The date would come and go, and nothing ever happened, which is why I made fun of him. Then the hurricane hit our area, flooding the whole town and knocking out both the power and the wifi. All of a sudden, Ed was the only person I could turn to for help! Besides being a conspiracy nut, Ed was also a cannabis farmer, with a substantial grow operation in the basement under his house. He also owned a geothermal heat pump to provide a constant and untraceable source of power to sustain his cannabis crops. The problem many residential cannabis farmers experience is they use so much electricity that it tips off the cops. By providing his own energy from the earth itself, Ed could grow all the cannabis he wanted and the authorities could never tell. When the hurricane struck I waited for the winds to die down and then went over to see Ed. I pretended to be checking up on him, but in reality I was stressed out and needed some cannabis. Ed was very welcoming, and as soon as I stepped in his house he handed me a dry towel and fat bowl of cannabis. For a weirdo, he is a really nice guy.

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