Nevada Rejects Alcohol Distributors’ Cannabis Appeal

CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) — Nevada’s marijuana regulators have rejected an appeal by a group of alcohol distributors who wanted to block the state from licensing cannabis businesses to transport marijuana from growers to retail stores.

The state Tax Commission voted unanimously Tuesday to uphold the Tax Department’s earlier decision to expand the licensing to those other than liquor distributors because they have been unable to keep up with demand.


Nevada Judge Clears Way for More Cannabis Licenses

The distribution turf battle has been tied up in district court and administrative appeals since legal recreational sales began July 1.

Kevin Benson a lawyer for the Independent Alcohol Distributors of Nevada says they haven’t decided whether to file another lawsuit challenging the state’s position.

Tax Department spokeswoman Stephanie Klapstein says it’s not clear how soon the new distribution licenses could be issued.

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