New York to Consider Adding Menstrual Cramps to Medical Marijuana Conditions

(Darrin Harris Frisby/Drug Policy Alliance)

ALBANY, NY — Lawmakers in New York will hold a hearing Tuesday on a bill to consider adding menstrual cramps as a qualification for medical marijuana in the state.

The New York Assembly Health Committee is scheduled to hear several bills Tuesday afternoon, including Assembly Bill 582, which would add dysmenorrhea as a qualifying medical marijuana condition.

Dysmenorrhea is recurring pain and discomfort experienced monthly by many women during menstruation.  In severe cases, this pain can be debilitating, further limiting a woman’s ability to perform daily activities.

Many women have found that medical marijuana can help alleviate many of the painful effects of dysmenorrhea.

“Not only will this improve women’s wellness and productivity during menstruation, but it will also advance New York State in one of the country’s fastest-growing industries,” says Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal (D-Manhattan), the sponsor of the bill.

Rosenthal is a leading advocate for women in the New York Assembly, successfully passing a measure last year which exempted feminine hygiene products from state and local sales tax.

The hearing on A.582 will take place on Tuesday May 23,2017, at 12:30 PM in Room 823 of the capitol.

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