On 420, my friends and I had a great time

This year, 420 was on a friday.

  • My friends and I wanted to start the weekend off with a bang, so everyone of us asked our bosses to get the day off.

I work at a grocery store in the city. I started working there when I was a kid and now I am the produce manager. One of my friends works at a restaurant during the day and another one of my friends works as a heating and air conditioning repair man. We all had the day off. On the morning of 4:20, we started off our day by going to a place that was supposed to be giving away a grab bag worth more than $250. You had to be one of the first 100 people through the doors, so my friends and I got there very early in the morning and went to that place. We sat in line outside of the marijuana dispensary for 3 hours so we could be one of the first people to arrive. Inside of our grab bag, each one of us got an assortment of items. We all had the same type of items, but we each had something that was vastly different and expensive. Inside of my grab bag was an expensive package of infused marijuana pre rules. One of my friends got a half ounce of marijuana and another one of my friends ended up with a half gram package of live rosin. We managed to visit several different marijuana shops that day and we got free stuff everywhere that we went. By the end of the day, my feet were tired from standing in line.

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