One Strain Five Ways: Sour Diesel in Nevada

It’s always exciting to watch new states come online with signature adult-use cannabis products, and Nevada has been no exception. Below, meet a few of the hottest additions to the market, including a Super Sour Diesel, a jazzy citrus-flavored cartridge, a cured Sour Diesel resin, a terpene blend, and a sassy Sour D tee.

Note: Prices may vary by retailer.


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(Courtesy of Matrix)

This combo of Sour Diesel and Super Silver Haze makes for an ultra-powerful sativa that melts stress, boosts euphoria, and tastes good doing it. Frosty buds with orange-tinted hairs make this a beauty to look at, too.

Price: $17/gram

Notes: Dominant terpenes include limonene, terpinene, and caryophyllene.

When to use it: When standard Sour Diesel just isn’t enough.

(Courtesy of Mezz)

Named for jazz legend and famed cannabis consumer Mezz Mezzrow, this flavorful cartridge—filled with Sour Diesel distillate and a hint of lemon-lime flavor—is triple tested for purity and inspires a burst of creativity that would have made its musician namesake proud.

Price: $35

Notes: Goes perfectly with one of the brand’s car key batteries.

When to use it: On the down-low when you’re on the go.

(Courtesy of Terpene Botanicals)

These undiluted terps are blended to match the specific profile of Sour Diesel itself, and pair with any pure cannabis concentrate to provide flavor and effects akin to the namesake strain.

Price: $20

Notes: Available across the US.

When to use it: With your favorite concentrate for a flavorful dab.

(Courtesy of Moxie)

With higher-than-average levels of caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene, this cured resin packs plenty of Sour Diesel-derived flavor and gets high ratings from Leafly reviewers. A dab will bring on a dreamy cerebral state characteristic of the strain in all its forms.

Price: $35

Notes: 385mg THCA; 87mg CBDA.

When to use it: Before (and after) an evening at the movies. 

(Courtesy of KushGrove)

A self-proclaimed “expressions brand for city stoners,” this made-in-the-USA shirt will take you anywhere from dispensary stops to the Las Vegas Strip in style (just don’t try to wear it into the fancy clubs).

Price: $30

Notes: 100% cotton.

When to use it: Heading to pick up the strain of the same name at a nearby dispensary.

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