Only 14% of American Voters Think Marijuana Should Be Illegal, Poll Finds

As federal marijuana prohibition turns 80 years old, a new poll has found overwhelming support for re-legalizing cannabis in some form.

The poll is just the latest in a series of national polls finding overwhelming support for reforming federal marijuana laws, and comes as comprehensive legislation to legalize marijuana at the federal level is introduced in the United States Senate.

According to the latest Harvard-Harris poll, only 14 percent of Americans believe marijuana should be legal, with 86% supporting some form of marijuana legalization.

Of those surveyed, 49% believe that marijuana should be legal for medical and recreational use. Thirty-seven percent said it should be legal only for medical purposes.

When taking into consideration those that believe marijuana should be legal for any use and those who feel marijuana should only be allowed for medical purposes, an overwhelming 86% of Americans support the medical use of a plant the federal government denies has any medical value.

Of those surveyed who lived in states where marijuana use was legal, 63% said they were not bothered by their state legalizing marijuana.  Similarly, 69% of voters who do not live in states where personal marijuana use is currently legal said it wouldn’t bother them if their state legalized it.

Only 33% of those surveyed said they would be bothered if a marijuana store opened in their neighborhood.

Regardless of the legal status of marijuana, only 16% of respondents said it would bother them if their neighbors used marijuana in their own homes or on their own property, but 50% said they would be bothered by public marijuana use.

Respondents overwhelmingly endorsed marijuana decriminalization, with 72% of those surveyed saying that if marijuana isn’t legal, people still should not serve jail time for possessing small amounts of it.

The poll also found that 57% of voters feel that legalizing marijuana makes societies better.

The poll, which touched upon a number of topics, was conducted online within the United States between July 19-24, 2017 among 2,032 registered voters.

Full results can be found here.

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