Our GPS sent us to the wrong marijuana dispensary.

When we had the GPS installed in our truck, he thought it was one of the greatest things since sliced bread.

I tried to remind him of the time we tried to use GPS to get us to a restaurant, and we ended up in a marina that was almost 20 miles east of where we were supposed to be. He told me that was 10 years earlier and GPS was now more reliable. The next afternoon we hopped in the truck and were getting ready to go to the new marijuana dispensary that was in the city. They were boasting a huge sale on all medical marijuana products and being a new customer we would not just get the 30% sale but we would also get an extra 15% off. My husband put in the address for the marijuana dispensary and set the GPS. We were about 20 miles away from home, when I told him I didn’t think the GPS was taking us to the marijuana dispensary. He told me ‌ we still had another 15 miles and since we hadn’t been in this area for quite some time he just wanted to follow the GPS directions. 10 miles down the road, I once again commented that I didn’t think the GPS was taking us to the medical marijuana dispensary. He asked me to please let him listen to the GPS. Five minutes later he realized we had been going in circles for the last 15 miles. Not only did we not get to the marijuana dispensary we had planned to visit, but GPS took us to the other side of the city with no marijuana dispensaries in sight.

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