Pain relief comes naturally with medical cannabis

It’s so good to be free of the pain med carousel, it took me four years to get off of it and I’m blessed I didn’t end up in rehab, but thankfully, I found medical cannabis.

The medical marijuana benefits are quite real and unquestionably significant when it comes to pain management! When I first got serviced with a form of chronic pain, I was just looking for a way to get my life back.

I suppose living in this culture sort of made me suppose that for every problem, there is a solution. While that may have elements of truth and reality in it, that saying isn’t honestly accurate. With my situation, I had to finally understand that I have to manage my pain… And with that comes managing expectations, and before I started treating with cannabis flower products, I was simply living from pill to pill. Believe me, that is not the path to any sort of solution. In fact, it was a path to just more pain and more concerns, and finally, I came to a place where I was ready to surrender to the fact that this situation wasn’t getting better and I needed a new approach. That’s exactly what I got when I started using medical marijuana. A neighbor dragged me to a cannabis dispensary event and that changed everything, and once I completed the cannabis regulations, I committed to changing a lifestyle completely, however medical cannabis was such a big part of that. I can manage my pain with the cannabis flower products from the legal weed store. But I also got into exercise, a clean diet and getting my rest, then now, I’m living a life again. There is still pain however medical cannabis has taught me how to live with less of it and work toward a better overall me.


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