Surfing, golf, and cannabis

When I lived on the coast I was a surfer. I loved surfing, and did it as often as I could. Then I moved into the middle of the country, and surfing was no longer an option. This may surprise you, but I took up golf instead, and found a lot of similarities between the two. This may sound a little crazy, but surfing and golf are both very focused and individual pursuits. I can shut out the entire world and focus only on what I am doing at that moment. It is the only time I am truly care-free and happy. Golf and surfing also both benefit greatly from cannabis, and I get stoned every time before I play. Openly smoking cannabis at the golf course is a surefire way to get yourself banned from ever playing there again, so I have to be careful. Usually I keep a vape pen on me, so I can take a quick puff of cannabis oil here and again without anyone being able to smell it. I also pop a couple of edibles during the course of play, trying to layer them to maintain a nice, steady buzz throughout the entire match. Between the cannabis edibles and the vape pen I tend to breeze through 18 holes of play and stay nice and high throughout. On the way back home is when I break out the real cannabis, and enjoy a big fat spliff before I get home to the wife and kids. Just like at the golf course, I never smoke cannabis inside my house.
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