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Ask a Budtender: Best WA Cannabis Products for March 2017

As a budtender, trying and evaluating new strains, products, and brands is all a part of the job. This March, I set out to try a bunch of new-to-me products and narrow them down to my top five favorites. Two of the strains I tried, however, were so good that I couldn’t make myself choose between them, which is a wonderful problem to have. These six flowers and concentrates were my favorite finds in March, and I highly recommend making a trip to one of these shops to pick some up for yourself!


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Blueberry Pancakes by Nebula Gardens

(Image courtesy of Nebula Gardens)(Image courtesy of Nebula Gardens)

Product Type: Flower
Fweedom Cannabis (Mountlake Terrace)

It has been a long time since I opened a package of flower with the word “Blueberry” on the label and actually thought, “Wow, that smells like blueberries.” Enter Nebula Gardens to save the day! I picked up an eighth of Blueberry Pancakes based on the recommendation of a friend and fellow budtender and was extremely glad I did. Its smell and flavor were both exactly what I expected—sweet and mild with a genuinely berry-esque aftertaste. The high was well balanced between a mild body buzz and classic, giggly euphoria.

Jack’s Cleaner BHO by Mother Nature’s Own

(Image courtesy of Mother Nature's Own)(Image courtesy of Mother Nature’s Own)

Product Type: Concentrate/Butane Hash Oil
Green Lady (Everett)

When I worked for a medical dispensary, Jack’s Cleaner was my absolute favorite strain that we carried. From the first time I tried it, the sharp and piney citrus taste and incredibly clear-headed high had me amazed. It has never once let me down, so when I see it on the shelves, I’ll always give it a try.

This wax was priced so well that I admit I was a little hesitant to try it, despite my friend’s recommendation. But the quality is shockingly impressive for the price point and the high is just as clear-headed and focused as I remember. I’m letting that serve as an important reminder to myself: A low price doesn’t always mean low quality, and the same is definitely true in the other direction; pricey cannabis doesn’t necessarily ensure quality.

Dutch Treat by Clandestine Gardens

(Image courtesy of Clandestine Gardens)(Image courtesy of Clandestine Gardens)

Product Type: Flower
Ruckus (Capitol Hill)

Seeing classic strains done the right way is surprisingly rare in the adult-use market (I said something similar about the Blueberry strain I tried this month, but it bears repeating). This Dutch Treat was a great representation of the traditional strain, providing a well-balanced, primarily cerebral high accompanied by a sharp, piney flavor profile.

White Widow Ice Wax by TerpCo

(Image courtesy of TerpCo)(Image courtesy of TerpCo)

Product Type: Bubble Hash
Price: $40/gram
Location: Fweedom Cannabis (Seattle)

Generally speaking, I’m not a big fan of bubble hash. I know it’s cleaner. I know it’s overall better for me. But it’s just not my thing. I don’t care for the residue that even full-melt hash leaves on my nail, and the flavor tends to be similar across the board, leaving little strain-specific flavor to be had.

There are some definite exceptions to this rule (such as Polar Icestracts, a former medical producer that makes amazing hash with high-quality flower from stellar cultivator Gold Leaf Gardens), and I’m glad to have found another. This White Widow from TerpCo gave me a whole new perspective on ice wax–and you don’t even have to pay top dollar to experience it.

Dragon OG by Avitas

(Image courtesy of Avitas)(Image courtesy of Avitas)

Product Type: Flower
Price: $54/eighth
Location: Hashtag Cannabis (Fremont)

I have to admit, I chose this one purely based on name (something I often discourage my customers from doing) and I did not expect it to be nearly as good as it was. I was impressed as soon as my budtender showed me the package, and it fully lived up to how it looked.

This strain was frosty with trichomes, the nugs were dense, and the scent was pure OG goodness. I found the high to be strong with a mild sativa-dominant effect, paired with a very pleasant body buzz. It’s perfectly versatile, suitable for a day of errands followed by an evening of movies. Of all the products I tried this month, this is the only one that drove me back to Hashtag for more, and I will be adding Dragon OG to my regular repertoire of strains.

Lemon Meringue by Avitas

(Image courtesy of Avitas)(Image courtesy of Avitas)

Product Type: Flower
Price: $16/gram
Location: Hashtag Cannabis (Fremont)

This citrusy-sweet sativa was delicious! As soon as I cracked open the bag, my living room was saturated with the smell of fresh lemons with a hint of that classically spicy cannabis scent underneath. The flavor matched up with it perfectly; sweet and mild on the inhale with a tangy lemon aftertaste. Lemon Meringue’s high was delightfully cerebral, which led to a batch of homemade pop tarts and me reading an entire sci-fi novel in one day.

Being adventurous, trying new things, and exploring new options is an important part of every aspect of life, so this month was a great reminder to keep incorporating that attitude into my cannabis use as well. Variety is the spice of life, after all…or is that cannabis?

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How to Make DIY Cannabis-Infused Lube

Putting weed oil on your lady parts is a hot topic in the growing cannabis market. Companies like Whoopi & Maya and Foria are providing cutting-edge products in states like California and Colorado. But what about those that have the urge to give it a whirl but don’t have access to a dispensary? DIY!

Many cannabis companies that produce sexually-focused topicals use CO2-extracted cannabis oil mixed with a carrier oil base like coconut oil. While that works well for companies who produce on a large scale and can afford six-figure extraction equipment, the average consumer cannot replicate it at home. For the hobbyist, and especially those living in prohibition states or states with limited access, we need a method that is both simple and pragmatic!


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The idea of DIY cannabis topicals might seem like an undertaking too complicated to attempt. Honestly, I felt the same. I love to cook but I didn’t want my entire apartment to smell like cannabis, and while there are dozens of recipes online, they varied so much I didn’t know what to trust.

To find a method I could feel confident about, I reached out to my good friend Lauren Gibbs, founder and president of Rise Above Social Strategies. Lauren lives in Colorado and has a small home grow where she has gained experience making DIY cannabis tinctures and topicals for her own personal use. Lauren’s two-ingredient cannabis oil recipe has endless uses. She puts in in her sleepytime tea, drizzles it over popcorn, puts it under her tongue as a tincture, and even rubs it on her sore neck.

Because of my (ahem, extensive) experience with coconut oil based lubes, I had another idea for how to use it: Lauren’s simple and clean recipe is perfect for DIY lube, too! Oil-based cannabis lubes won’t get you high (unless consumed); instead, their topical application increases bloodflow and heightens sensation. But be warned: oil based lubes of all kinds are not compatible with latex condoms, so always consider your backup protection methods carefully before you get between the sheets.


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DIY Cannabis Lube Recipe

Yields: 8oz infused coconut oil

Potency: Approximately 6mg THC per 1mL of oil

Note: This potency is based on cannabis that is approximately 10–15% THC. Potency can vary significantly based on the potency of the buds you choose.


  • 8 ounces fractionated (liquid) coconut oil or MCT oil
  • ¼ ounce cannabis flower


  • Oven
  • Two Mason jars (each 4 ounces or larger; you can also use a single large jar)
  • Food scale
  • Grinder or food processor
  • Slow cooker
  • Unbleached cheesecloth
  • Large funnel
  • Smaller funnel
  • Tincture bottle with a 1-mL calibrated pipette
  • Boiling water (enough to cover the Mason jars in the slow cooker)


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  1. Preheat oven to 240˚F.
  2. Grind cannabis using a food processor (to save time) or a grinder.
  3. Decarboxylate your cannabis: Spread ground flower evenly on a cookie sheet and bake for one hour on the middle rack, stirring after 30 minutes.
  4. Divide the decarboxylated cannabis evenly into your Mason jars using the scale. Add half of the cannabis oil to each jar and seal as tightly as possible with the lid.
  5. Place Mason jars in your slow cooker and cover with boiling water so that the jars are fully submerged. Set slow cooker to “warm” and let cook for 4–5 hours. Using a jar clamp or heavy oven mitts, pull the jars out every 60 minutes and give them a good shake. (Be careful not to burn yourself as the glass and metal will both be hot!)
  6. After 4–5 hours, remove jars and place them on a cloth to cool (don’t set them on a cold or hard surface as the glass jar could crack).
  7. Line the large funnel with four layers of cheesecloth and place over a large glass measuring cup with a pour spout. Slowly pour the cooled liquid through the cheesecloth, squeezing out the plant matter to get as much oil as possible. Your strained oil will be slightly green.
  8. Using a smaller funnel, pour the oil into the tincture bottle. Your lube is ready to use! Start with 1 milliliter at a time, and increase or decrease quantity based on your personal preferences.

Pro tips:

  • While the Mason jar method is great for containing the cannabis smell, decarboxylating is highly fragrant. If you have nosy neighbors, try frying bacon or cooking something comparably fragrant at the same time to mask the scent.
  • If you see bits of herb floating in your oil, strain it again — you don’t want them to cause discomfort during use.
  • Keep it simple! Don’t add essential oils or other additives. With this two-ingredient method, your oil is endlessly versatile; you can even bake with it.
  • If possible, use lab-tested flower. This will ensure that your product is free of pesticides, molds, and other contaminants. It also makes it slightly easier to calculate potency, though as this article illustrates, it’s challenging to get completely accurate numbers with DIY products.

Have you tried making your own infused lube? How did it go? Tell us about it in the comments!

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Product Review: Kurvana Vape Pen Cartridges

Kurvana Cartridges at a Glance

Manufacturer: Kurvana

Product: KPEN Originals: Pineapple Express (Sativa)

Cannabis content: 64.74% THC, 0.19% CBD, 1.17% CBN (Total: 66.1%)

Available in: California

Flavor: Piney, with a strong pineapple flavor on the finish.

Experience: The Pineapple Express is zippy, creative, and focused, but can spike anxiety if that’s a factor for you. I am prone to anxiety so I found myself getting momentarily panicky while puffing on the pen and waiting for a friend to arrive. It subsided pretty quickly though.


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Product: KPEN Infusions: Sunset Tea (Indica)

Cannabis content: 39.73% THC, 19.58% CBD, 0.71% CBN (Total: 60.02%)

Additional ingredients: Lavender blossoms, white cucumber tea, and summer rose (per the company’s website).

Available in: California

Flavor: Sweet, floral, with a bit of tea flavor in the aftertaste.

Experience: This is one I keep in my purse for evening snuggles or if I need help falling asleep. It’s not going to knock you completely into next week, but it is relaxing and just sleepy enough to get the job done when I want to use it for that purpose.


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Initial Impressions

Pros: I love the thoughtful and aesthetically pleasing packaging. Each strain formulation comes in a test tube with different colorful label for each strain and a matching band of color around the cartridge itself so it’s not confusing if you own more than one. There’s also a symbol listed next to the strain name indicating if the strain is a sativa (pyramid), indica (upside down pyramid), or hybrid (circle with one half shaded). These helpful visual cues allow consumers to easily choose the strain and effect they’re looking for. I also appreciate that each test tube contains a strip of paper that features testing results with a breakdown of cannabinoid percentages.

They’re also potent! I let some low-tolerance friends try the Infusions Sunset Tea and even with the 2:1 THC to CBD ratio, they still felt pretty buzzed after only one hit. Everyone enjoyed the experience though, so it was a lovely evening. With my higher tolerance, I felt the effects after only four puffs, and they lasted about 25 minutes. Your mileage may vary.

Cons: I found both the Originals and the Infusions formulations to have a slight flavor that I couldn’t quite place. The website notes that the blends have no glycols or additives, so I’m not sure what is giving them that taste. It’s not bad, it just tastes somewhat artificial. That said, company’s website clearly states, “Our Originals line is all strictly cannabis derived straight from the raw material … [and preserves] the essential components of the raw flower.” I’d be curious to hear if it’s just me, or if others have had similar experiences.

Our Verdict

I enjoyed the Kurvana vape cartridges I tried and I would definitely recommend them to folks looking for potent, tasty vapor. The Infusions line is great for people who don’t really enjoy the taste of cannabis, as there are more flavors options like Passion Fruit, Kool Mint, and Banana Smoothie, many of which taste like Jolly Ranchers. If you prefer your cannabis to taste like cannabis (I’m one of those people), stick with the Originals line.

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The Best Cannabis Strains and Products for Every Situation

Cannabis is uniquely versatile in that it can be enjoyed in many different ways, offering a countless variety of experiences with each creative combination. Between the vast landscape of available strains, preparations, and products available, one could feasibly enjoy a different strain and consumption method for each individual scenario. Understanding this is important when discerning between conducive strains and activities. Just as there are many ways one may pair cannabis properly with a given situation, it can be just as easy to improperly pair cannabis, leaving you with a potentially uncomfortable scenario.

Browse Different Cannabis Products

Creating a conducive pairing is a learned skill, so here are a few scenarios based on time of day, mood, and activity, where we recommend some appropriate strain types and consumption methods. Whether you’re using cannabis to wake up and motivate yourself or to relax and unwind, these are some of our favorite combinations to try out. (Keep in mind that these are merely suggestions; if you have a preferred consumption method, you’re free to substitute one of our recommendations with your tried-and-true delivery method.)

For Starting Out Your Day

Morning run

Strain: A pure sativa (e.g. Durban Poison)

Medium: Concentrate or flower

Consumption Method: Home vaporizer

Ideal for: A morning workout, running errands, tidying your space

Browse Cannabis Concentrates

Pure sativas like Durban Poison are essentially an espresso shot for the cannabis enthusiast. With the rise of hybridization, pure sativa strains are not easy to come by, but if your dispensaries carry them, pick up a strain or two as a morning pick-me-up. We recommend enjoying pure sativas either by use of a flower or concentrate vaporizer before heading out. The energy this strain will give you will complement any workout or morning activity perfectly!


Explore the Diverse World of Cannabis Oil and Concentrates

For After a Long Day

Together is our favourite place to be

Strain: A hybrid (e.g Fire OG)

Medium: Flower

Consumption Method: Large tabletop water pipe

Ideal for: Unwinding with some relaxation time

Browse Bongs and Water Pipes

Hybrids are often the preferred strain type for individuals looking for a relaxing solo couch session. Larger water pipes offer a “one-hitter quitter,” meaning you can feel the effects after one or two big hits. Fire OG is especially known for encouraging heavy relaxation without being too sleepy in the head, offering a perfect pairing for a night in with your favorite movie or TV show.

For Exploration in the Kitchen

Cooking Preparing Food Ingredient Vegetarian Concept

Strain: Any hybrid variety

Medium: Infused cooking oil

Consumption Method: Edible

Ideal for: A dinner party with friends

Browse Cannabis-Infused Edibles

Hybrid strains make for wonderful companions when it comes to infusing cooking oils for edibles. The next time you want to have friends over for a weekend dinner, try infusing your favorite hybrid strain into an olive oil to be used for meal preparations. Infused oils are also available in some markets, so don’t hesitate to ask your budtender about availability.


Recipe: How to Make Cannabis Cooking Oil

When having guests over, it’s important to consider the individual dosage preferences of each member in your party as overdosing a guest is not considered proper etiquette (that is, unless they’re fine with it), which is why olive oil is a great infusion option. In this case, you can offer it in a tabletop condiment, such as an infused salad dressing, to be dosed to meet everyone’s individual tolerances.

For Calm Self-Reflection

Close up of legs walking in the forest

Strain: A high-CBD, indica-dominant option (e.g. Critical Mass)

Medium: Flower

Consumption Method: Rolled joint

Ideal for: A peaceful walk


Which Cannabis Strains Are High in CBD?

If you’re in need of a stress-suppressing long walk, a mild indica-dominant hybrid like Critical Mass is your perfect companion. Many phenotypes of this strain exhibit elevated levels of the known stress-reducing compound cannabidiol (CBD). Who doesn’t like a nice joint and a peaceful walk? (Just make sure you’re enjoying your cannabis in the most non-invasive way possible when in populated spaces; also, keep in mind that many legal markets prohibit public consumption under penalty of fine or citation.)

For Discrete Consumption

Smoking E-Cigarette

Strain: Sativa-dominant hybrid (e.g. Sour Diesel)

Medium: CO2 concentrate

Consumption Method: Portable vaporizer pen

Ideal for: Quiet consumption while on the go

Browse Portable Vaporizers

Unlike a joint, which can be rather odiferous when consumed in the presence of others, vaporizer pens loaded with CO2 concentrates make for a discreet companion while you are out and about. A Sour Diesel extract, being a sativa-dominant hybrid, affords you the adequate energy boost you will need without alerting the world of your activities. Loaded in a vaporizer pen, this oil will carry out throughout your day while remaining as inconspicuous as it is portable.


Which Type of Vaporizer Best Suits You?

For Relaxed Non-Smokers

white bathtub in outdoor bath

Strain: Any indica-dominant variety

Medium: CBD-infused bath product

Consumption Method: Topical application

Ideal for: De-stressing after a long day

Browse Cannabis Topicals

You don’t have to inhale your cannabis to have a good time, and certain strains can make for fantastic infused products. Try a relaxing bubble bath with a CBD-infused bath bomb or topical lotion. Many times, these products are used by infusing cannabis concentrates into soaps and lotions for the purpose of topical applications. All cannabinoids, including THC and CBD, can be absorbed efficiently though the skin with a proper carrier oil. If smoking isn’t your thing, a product of this variety may be just what you’re looking for!


What Are Cannabis Topicals and How Do They Work?

For Late Night Moments

Sad girl lying in bed

Strain: A pure indica (e.g. Hindu Kush)

Medium: Concentrate

Consumption Method: Tabletop dab rig

Ideal for: A potent good night’s sleep

Browse Dabbing Products

Who needs a sleeping pill when you have a dab rig loaded with a pure indica concentrate? Forget couch lock; when dabbed out of a tabletop rig, indicas like Hindu Kush will put you right to sleep. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a strain like this, make sure you keep it around for those “hard to fall asleep” occasions.” Very rarely will a comfortable-sized dab of a heavy indica concentrate leave you anywhere but in the folds of your pillow.


The Best Dab Rig for You

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What is a Rosin Press?

It has been just under two years since rosin was introduced to the cannabis concentrate market. Within that time, this solvent-free concentrate processing method has proved quite viable in the legal market, influencing a surge of innovation in the wake of rising demand.

Browse Cannabis Concentrate Products

Unlike extracts like butane hash oil (BHO), which utilizes solvents, heavy equipment, and time-consuming processes to extract the resin from the plant, rosin production requires only two mechanisms: heat and pressure. Rosin is also far less time consuming to process, in some cases yielding a consumable product in a matter of seconds.


What Does Good BHO Look Like? Dabbing and Hash Oil Myths: Part One

At the center of rosin production is the press, a machine responsible for producing controlled amounts of heat and pressure over short periods of time. Through DIY innovation and the harnessing of technologies borrowed from several other manufacturing industries, the rosin press has evolved extensively since its modest beginnings.

How Rosin Tech Works

To produce rosin, three components are required: heat, pressure, and time. The technique in rosin production rests within the ability to balance these three components together to create a superior product in flavor and effect.

When extracting rosin, heat must be controlled in order to preserve terpenes and cannabinoids. High temperatures have the ability to rapidly degrade these molecules, creating a bland and inferior final product. This is why producing rosin at the lowest temperature possible is paramount. Limiting the time exposed to high heat can retain some terpenes; however, reducing heat is the only way to ensure the least degradation possible.


Terpenes: The Flavors of Cannabis Aromatherapy

In order to reduce heat, pressure must be increased. High pressures have the ability to create a final product with much less of a compromise to the original terpene profile. The measure of a highly effective rosin press is its ability to provide enough pressure so that heat may be lowered to a point where minimal degradation can take place.

DIY Rosin Press

Pair of Hair Straighteners In Bathroom

As simple as it may sound, the first ever rosin press used was a basic hair straightener. Utilizing all three of the necessary components needed to create rosin (heat, pressure, and time), the hair straightener was mildly efficient at extracting resins from cannabis. This is mainly because hair straighteners tend to operate at very high temperatures (above 300 degrees F), and can only withstand so much pressure before breaking.


How to Make Rosin

By combining a hair straightener with a clamp, higher rates of pressure may be achieved, though hair straighteners will always be limited in this sense. Nevertheless, hair straighteners have remained a staple in the solventless community as a quick field solution to extracting resins on the go.

Modified Hat Press

Another popular early rosin pressing solution was the modified hat press. Typically, hat presses operate by heating the top plate only, as no heat would be needed for the bottom plate to transfer substances such as vinyl. By modifying a hat press to provide heat to both the bottom and top plates, these units can actually make for a relatively efficient rosin press.

Hat press modifications were among the first to reach the public market, making their way into the homes of rosin enthusiasts by mid-2015. Earlier press models proved to work very well in processing varieties of rosin from hash and flower in small quantities.

Where modified hat presses fail is both in their ability to provide enough pressure to bring temperatures down enough to preserve terpenes, as well as in their lack of efficiency. At best, these presses are optimal for personal use and have no business in a commercial operation.

Pneumatic Press


The next step up in rosin press technology is a pneumatic press. This type of press derives its pressure from compressed air, and is capable of reaching over 2000 psi (pound per square inch). Paired with the ability to control heat along with the pressure, pneumatic presses are hyper efficient in creating delicious, terpene-rich extracts in just seconds.

Quite a bit of technology and manufacturing goes into creating a well-made pneumatic rosin press, so the price point on these can get pretty high. Nevertheless, pneumatic presses have continued to flood the market as they are highly preferred and trusted to create top-quality extracts using both flowers and solventless hash varieties as rosin precursors.


What is Hash and How Does It Relate to Cannabis?

Hydraulic Rosin Press

When 2000 psi isn’t enough pressure, the hydraulic rosin press is the answer. Otherwise known as an H-frame press, this unit derives its pressure from a hydraulic cylinder. Modified hydraulic rosin presses can reach pressures exceeding 20,000 pounds, allowing for press temperatures to drop into the 100’s. Furthermore, often hydraulic presses offer a greater surface area for pressing, allowing for more product to be produced at once.

Another upside to hydraulic presses is that they can be easy and inexpensive to assemble with just a few simple to acquire parts. Twelve-ton shop presses, for example, cost just over $100 USD, and can be modified into a rosin press with less than $75 USD in additional parts and no extensive experience necessary. Just about everything required can be purchased online.


2017’s Hottest Cannabis Technology Innovations

The market for rosin presses is still relatively young, and developing rapidly every day. Companies are competing for real estate in both the consumer and industrial wholesale marketplace and this competition will only lead to more innovation. Modified hat presses, pneumatic presses, and hydraulic presses are all available today for purchase by a handful of manufacturers with varying reputations for quality.

Intrigued consumers should shop with caution when looking for a rosin press, as the industry is young and ripe with inferior technology. At the end of the day, the best option may be to buy the parts and build one from the ground up. After all, that’s essentially what the manufacturers are doing.

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Product Review: Magic-Flight Muad-Dib Concentrate Box Kit

Welcome to Leafly’s Product Reviews, where we take a closer look at a cannabis gadget, accessory, or consumable, and give it a test spin. Today we’re trying out the Magic-Flight Muad-Dib Concentrate Box Kit.

The Magic-Flight Muad-Dib at a Glance

The Magic-Flight Muad-Dib at a Glance
Product type:
Portable vaporizer for concentrates

Manufacturer: Magic-Flight

Price: $129.00

Features: no torch needed, simple operation


  • Muad-Dib concentrate box
  • Two rechargeable NiMH Glyph batteries with protective caps
  • Battery charger
  • Decorative storage tin
  • 1.5ft black draw whip
  • Loading spoon
  • One replacement screen

Initial Impressions

When I first removed the Magic-Flight Muad-Dib Concentrate Box out of its handy storage tin, I was immediately struck by the unit’s craftsmanship and aesthetic beauty. Despite being small enough to comfortably fit in the palm of your hand, the gold monocle design over the smooth walnut box really makes this vape stand out with its Old World-style design and aesthetic beauty.

Browse More Portable Vaporizers

However, I soon realized that the Muad-Dib is really only a “portable” device in the most basic sense of the word. Using the Muad-Dib involves inhaling from an 18” black hose, which makes it much larger in function than just the small and pretty box would imply. Because of the deceptively cumbersome size, I wasn’t able to use the product out on the go like I could with a standard vape pen. The hose makes using the Muad-Dib a simple yet very conspicuous procedure that’s better suited for indoor use or somewhere amongst friends, like camping, picnics, parties, etc.

Muad-Dib’s lack of true portability stands out even more when compared to its sibling, the Launch Box for herbs. The box units are the same size, and even though the Launch Box comes with a short glass tube to inhale from, it’s also designed to be used without the tube, making it ideal to bring almost anywhere. I wasn’t able to do the same with the Muad-Dib, but the concentrate vape does have other positive qualities.

Loading and Operating the Muad-Dib

Loading and Operating the Muad-Dib
To its credit, the loading and operating process for the Muad-Dib is incredibly easy and straightforward. Any level of toker can effortlessly understand how to use this product on the first try due to the way the box works in general. “Turning it on” consists of inserting and pressing down on the included NiMH Glyph battery to heat up the rods that hold the loading plate your concentrate rests on. After that, all there’s left to do is inhale through the whip while keeping the battery pressed and engaged with the box.

When I loaded some concentrate onto the metal plate suspended between the two golden heating rods, I couldn’t help but be a little disappointed at how small the plate actually is. You’re only supposed to use a very small amount of concentrate per hit in order to maximize flavor and vape quality without clogging and spilling into the chamber. This was bittersweet for me because while using small amounts keeps the vaping process simple and clean, the constant reloading of small drops of concentrate to reach the high I wanted was a little tiresome and not as effective as a one-take, solid dab.


The Best Dab Rig for You

I did like being able to move about my apartment freely while holding and using the box unit and whip; not being tied down to an outlet was a nice convenience. The battery performance is pretty good — a fully charged battery was more than enough for a good amount of long pulls over the course of a day, but switching batteries during extended sessions was a necessary move. Magic-Flight also has a plug-in battery that will allow you to vape as much as you want without having to worry about the battery life, but keep in mind that this option will keep you tethered to an outlet.

Vaping with the Muad-Dib

Vaping with the Muad-Dib is very straightforward — just keep the battery pressed and engaged as you steadily inhale from the attached whip. Don’t expect to blow out a lot of vapor since the Muad-Dib calls for a small amount of concentrate to be placed on the plate each time, so you won’t be taking in that much vapor per hit. Taking long, slow draws allowed me to clear the concentrate I had loaded in about two separate pulls, and I was at least glad to be met with a nice burst of flavor from my concentrate. This may be due more to my higher level of tolerance than anything else, but I needed to constantly reload the concentrate plate in order to get the high I wanted.

If you’re looking for a low to moderate buzz, 1-3 pulls will do the trick, but it will take a bit more work for seasoned tokers. I liked that the length of the whip made for comfortable vaping anywhere around my apartment, and the cool monocle window allowed me to see my concentrate bubble and heat up as I was using the Muad-Dib, but I still felt a little bit let down by the slightly underwhelming vape performance.

Our Verdict

Magic-Flight Muad-Dib
Overall, The Muad-Dib Concentrate Box Kit by Magic-Flight is a beautifully crafted and aesthetically pleasing vaporizer unit that that delivers a slightly underwhelming vape performance for seasoned or heavy cannabis consumers due to their high tolerance levels and the need to constantly reload small amounts of concentrate. That being said, at $129.00 I think the Muad-Dib concentrate vape box could be a great device for light-to-moderate consumers as well as people who may live in enclosed spaces and would want to keep some level of discretion about their use.

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2017’s Hottest Cannabis Technology Innovations

There simply isn’t a better way to get your finger on the pulse of what’s hot in innovation than to get out and go see what’s going on at the trade shows. With cannabis trade shows, expos, and conferences beginning to circulate in the new year, the latest products and innovations are revealed to consumers and industry professionals alike.

This year, the cannabis industry is fixing to see a massive explosion in technological innovation as legalization continues to spread at a staggering pace. Lighting technology, grow room automation, soil amendments, extraction hardware, and seed to sale software are on the list to see major overhauls in the coming months. Let’s take a look at a few of the most interesting innovations to look forward to this year.

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LED Lighting


Undoubtedly one of the most rapidly expanding sectors of the cannabis market is in lighting technology, and LEDs are at the forefront of the innovation game. Both consumers and commercial cultivators alike are eying LEDs as they continue to make advancements. The research happening in this field is astounding, and more companies are beginning to invest in LED research and development.

Cost ownership of LEDs is proving to be lower over time, with fixtures beginning to incorporate longer-lasting diodes that produce more light and require less power. Another promising feature with LED technology is the ability to customize light spectrums, throwing the control into the hands of the cultivator. These advancements are leading the way for growers to be able to develop species/strain-specific light spectrums that will maximize phenotypic responses in various cultivars.

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As of now, the price point for LEDs is still considerably higher than alternative lighting solutions such as high-pressure sodium, metal halide, and T5 fluorescent. However, prices are beginning to plateau and even decrease with the influx of new developers as well as the declining price of components.

Isolated Terpenes

Above Marijuana Cannabis Plant Growing Indoor Growing Facility

Terpene isolation technology has seen a rapid rise in popularity within the industry. What was one a niche market within the cannabis concentrate sector is now expanding with the introduction of crossover technology from both the essential oil and fragrance industries. Isolation technologies such as short and long path steam distillation systems are seeing their way onto convention floors, with members of peripheral distillation markets beginning to service the interests of cannabis businesses.

Both cannabis-derived and non-cannabis-derived terpene isolates can be used to infuse various products, and companies are beginning to blend terpenes into profiles that resemble strain-specific fragrances. Often high-cannabinoid distillates are reintegrated with pre-formulated strain profiles that resemble the aromatic properties of various strains in their flower form. These blends contain varying measurements of isolated terpenes such as myrcene, b-caryophyllene, and pinene. Together, certain blends of terpenes can react with cannabinoids with the potential to create new synergistic properties.


What’s That Smell? It’s ‘Cannabis Flower’ Perfume, Dahling

This year, expect to see isolated terpenes and blended terpene profiles to reach more markets as companies look to jump onto this exciting new trend in concentrates.

Solventless Extraction Technology

Alien Rock C Cannabis Shatter Hash

Perhaps the greatest explosion of tech innovation the industry has seen this year so far has been in the solvent extraction community. Developers are flocking to cannabis expos to show off their new solvent extractors and rosin technology as this new and exciting form of cannabis concentrate reaches the hands of more consumers.

Today, rosin sits right next to solvent-based concentrates on the shelves of almost every dispensary. Contrary to products such as BHO, which can take up to a week to make, solvent extracts such as rosin hash oil can be manufactured in seconds. Commercial-sized presses are beginning to pop up on trade show floors along with intimate personal home presses designed to process small amounts of starting material into hash oil.


How to Make Rosin

Pneumatic and hydraulic presses are now able to reach pressures exceeding 20 tons, allowing for much lower extraction temperatures that are vital for terpene preservation. New innovations such as flower pre-presses, seamless nylon pressing pouches, and titanium collection tools are among some of the hot new tools being introduced. Pollen collectors, cold water hash processing bags, and dry sifting bins are all seeing improvements, as well, with companies beginning to introduce these products to manufacturers and consumer enthusiasts alike.

Solventless extraction tech has the unique advantage over hydrocarbon extraction tech of being able to reach the consumer market because it’s not dangerous to produce hash in the comfort of one’s own home (contrary to BHO and other expensive hash oil extraction techniques). The industry is beginning to see a transition into DIY craft concentrates akin to the craft home beer brew movement, and it will be interesting to see how solventless tech innovation caters to this paradigm shift.

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All in all, 2017 looks to be an exciting year for innovation as a whole within the cannabis community. If you have the opportunity, try to make it out to a cannabis trade show in your area to see some of the exciting new developments that are in store for the coming year. Without a doubt, this season will surely see an explosion of new tech, new brands, and new products all designed to service the ever expanding cannabis industry.

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Stylish Art and Corkscrew Glass Blunts: The Best Cannabis Products for February 2017

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Product Review: Sensi Chews Amoré Medicated Chocolate

I met some folks from Sensi at a Women Grow event in LA and was instantly curious. An aphrodisiac chocolate chew? Would it make me feel aroused, or just less stressed? Would it increase sensation or reduce inhibitions? Here’s the lowdown.

Amoré Medicated Chocolate at a Glance

Manufacturer: Sensi Chew

Product: Amoré – Aphrodisiac Medicated Chocolate Caramel

Ingredients: Sugar, corn syrup, butter, cream, cocoa, vanilla, Tongkat Ali extract, cannabis extract.

Cannabis content: 25mg THC per chew (two chews per package)

Available in: California

Initial Impressions


  • I appreciate that the package is resealable. The label doubles as a press-and-seal so if you don’t want to do the full 25 milligrams, you can bite one of the chews in half and save the other half for another time.
  • It tastes really yummy, though I don’t get as much of the caramel taste; the chocolate is more noticeable. There isn’t a strong cannabis taste, either. The consistency is like fudge; it reminds me of a less chewy version of a Tootsie roll.
  • As I felt the effects begin, I could feel a bit of spaceyness behind my eyes. I felt emotionally open and communicative but not unpleasantly chatty. I was able to discern a difference in body sensation after the chew took effect.
  • The high is mellow and balanced. I felt my entire body relax and come online in a pleasant way. I asked my friend to touch my arm and he sort of patted it, and I grinned and said, “no, sexy touching,” and he started dragging his fingertips lightly over my forearm. I felt a difference with the second type of touch. It was intentional and it evoked a stronger reaction in my body, notably enhanced by the Amoré chew.
  • The other active ingredient, aside from cannabis, is Tongkat Ali. This flowering plant from Indonesia has been studied as a natural testosterone booster. I had no way to test my testosterone levels, but I did feel more touch-oriented and magnetized after I enjoyed the Amoré square.
  • I tried the other chew at a different time to test it out for solo play and I found that it helped me relax and enjoy the experience of pleasure rather than getting caught up in how long it was taking me to get to a specific destination. I didn’t feel like it specifically decreased inhibitions (not that I have a ton anyway) but I definitely felt less stressed and more balanced.


Perfect Pairing: Augment the Power of Aphrodisiacs with Cannabis


  • The packaging feels flimsy and a bit dated. I showed it to my friend Arden and she said, “it looks like something you’d see at a gas station on a shelf next to bottles of Horny Goat Weed.” Perhaps sharper than I would have gone, but she has a point. I also found myself a bit confused – if it works on all bodies (as indicated by the “for him and her” designation on the label) then why does the packaging need to feature a man and woman kissing? I’d love to see more forward-thinking packaging that reflects the quality of the product inside of it.
  • The dosage is potentially too high for new users. I typically suggest that a newbie start with 2.5mg to 5mg total, which would be difficult to manage with this product since it comes in two individual doses of 25mg each.
  • As with any edible product, the onset time and duration will be largely dependent on your metabolism and tolerance. I started to feel the effects after about 50 minutes and noticeable effects lasted for about an hour and a half to two hours. The package suggests that it could last up to six hours, which is entirely possible depending on your specific reaction to the amount of THC you ingest. Dose yourself accordingly.

Our Verdict

I enjoyed this product. I could imagine bringing a two-pack of chews and going on a weekend adventure with a lover, planning to fill at least one of the days with nothing but sensual delights. Have you tried the Amore Sensi Chews? What did you think?

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