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7 Peachy Products and Strains to Celebrate Peach Month

August is National Peach Month, and if you’re looking for a canna-infused way to celebrate this juicy, delicious fruit, dive into these scrumptious cannabis products that’ll leave you feeling peachy-keen.

Leafly Peaches and Cream hybrid cannabis strain

When in doubt, go right to the source. Peaches and Cream is a skunk phenotype with a sweet fruity taste, and the buds even take on a soft pink-orange color during its flowering period. A balanced hybrid, Peaches and Cream will give you a boost of creativity and euphoria that’s perfect for unwinding after work while still accomplishing the tasks at hand. Try some with a bowl of ice cream on a back porch while sitting in the sunshine.

Available in: CA, CO, BC, MI, OR, WA

(Courtesy of EdiPure)

These soft, chewy peach gummies from the acclaimed edible company EdiPure are the perfect blend of sweet and sour, and clock in at 10mg of THC per candy piece. They’re precisely dosed, making them a sweet treat for a sunny afternoon with nothing to do. Make sure you chew them thoroughly for full effects, though!

Available in: CO


7 Must-Try Cannabis Topicals for Those Scorching Summer Days

(Courtesy of Wyld)

If you’re looking for something a little more unusual to tickle your taste buds, look no further than WYLD’s Peach White Chocolate candies, infused with an indica blend to help you relax after a long day. These tasty treats are made with locally sourced fruit and cannabis, so you’ll feel like you just picked a peach off the tree with these yummy edibles.

Available in: OR

(Courtesy of Mindy’s)

This delicious, summery hard sweet taste like a combination of apricot and peach packaged into a handcrafted artisanal candy that’s perfect for a discreet sublingual treat. It melts under your tongue, and the cannabis is infused so masterfully that all you’ll taste is its peachy sweetness. With 10mg of THC per hard candy, let your stress melt away.

Available in: IL

(Courtesy of Kushy Punch)

If you’re looking for a peachy treat that’s a little more mellow and a little less psychoactive, check out this yummy gummy chew. Packed with 60mg of CBD, Kushy Punch CBD chews use 99.9% pure CBD isolate to provide pain and anxiety relief without the psychoactive effects of THC, so you can function throughout the day without the haze of THC or pain medication.

Available in: CA


10 Best CBD Oil Lotions, Creams, and Other Topicals to Try

Leafly Mango Tango hybrid cannabis strain

For a potent strain that tastes like tropical punch, but hits like a ton of sweet, peachy bricks, try Mango Tango. With parentage in both the upbeat sativa Tangie and Peaches, one reviewer thinks “it’s like smoking a mango that’s been blessed with OG Kush’s potency, but it’s sweet as an apricot in August.” This strain will have you feeling social but so relaxed you won’t want to move too far for a sip of peach iced tea. Save it for a lazy day when you just want to watch the world go by.

Available in: CA, CO, ON, MI, NM, NV, WA


Recipe: How to Make Cannabis-Infused Tea

(Courtesy of High Grade Cannabis Co.)

If you’re looking for a boost of energy with a sweet, tangy taste, try Hi-Ness’ Peach Mango Energy Shot. Containing natural flavoring and ingredients, this peachy Pot Shot comes in three dosage levels, from a mild 15mg of THC up to 60mg. It’s a great option when you’re on the go and want an uplifting boost with a side of juicy peach and mangos. For best results, drink this elixir cold!

Available in: CA


A Late Summer Night’s Dream: Enjoying a Cannabis Harvest Dinner in Colorado

What are some of your favorite sweet peachy cannabis treats? Share your preferred picks in the comments!

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Beyond Aluminum: In Search of the Best Stainless-Steel Grinder

In 1905, a pair of Australian residents were awarded the first US patent for what we now recognize as an “herb grinder.” The invention was designed to be used by tobacco smokers, specifically “to enable plug-tobacco to be disintegrated for pipe-smoking without the use of a common knife.”

Suddenly, instead of rubbing plugs of tobacco between their hands or chopping them up with kitchen knives, smokers could easily grind and store material for later use. Huzzah, the industrial age!

(US Patent and Trademark Office)

The classic grinder design hasn’t changed much in the 102 years since. The vast majority—including leading brands like Santa Cruz Shredder and Space Case—look pretty much like what’s depicted in Patent #795,746. Although somewhere along the line, manufacturers decided that for mass-produced grinders, aluminum was the material of choice.

If you own a grinder—and it’s not plastic or wood—chances are it’s aluminum.

Whether that should bother you is a matter of considerable debate. There’s a longstanding controversy over the safety of aluminum, with more recent studies indicating there’s at least some reason to believe that ingesting the metal may increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. (There are conflicting reports, but a 2016 meta-study found that individuals chronically exposed to aluminum were 71% more likely to develop Alzheimers disease.)


What Is a Grinder and How Do You Use It for Cannabis?

I recognize even basic scientific claims these days are polarizing. I’m not trying to incite mass fear of aluminum grinders. But personally, I didn’t like scraping my grinder clean and finding flecks of a potentially dangerous metal mixed in. I figure I’m inhaling enough crap in my spliff as it is. So when my go-to grinder recently went missing, I went searching for something different.

Here’s what I found. (For all the grinders I’ve tried myself, I’ve included pros and cons.)

Stainless Steel

Aside from glass or ceramic, stainless steel is generally the first choice for food-safe kitchen utensils. Given that, it seemed like a sensible place to start. Unfortunately, however, it turns out hardly anyone makes grinders out of the stuff. Even some products advertised on Amazon as stainless steel turn out to be aluminum or some unknown mystery metal.

But I did find a few:

Cycle Grinder ($139, 4-piece)

(Courtesy of Cycle)

The German-designed Cycle grinder seemed like exactly what I was looking for. It’s basically your standard four-piece grinder but machined entirely from surgical stainless steel.

Unfortunately, it’s damn near impossible to get your hands on—at least for now. For a while the company was accepting pre-orders that were advertised to ship in May. In early July, they posted to Facebook that shipping was “in progress,” but as of mid-August, nobody seemed to have received anything. (The company hasn’t posted to Instagram since December, and its last tweet, on July 14, 2016, says simply, “Cyleeeeeee” [sic].)

I tried getting in touch with the company but didn’t hear anything back. So I moved on.

TL;DR: Great idea, impossible to find.

Lift Innovations ($100, 4-piece)

(Julia Sumpter/Leafly)

The Lift grinder, formerly known as the Clipper, is still mostly aluminum. But the key components—the parts that actually process the cannabis—are stainless steel.

The product has earned breathless reviews. Even before it was released, Green Rush Daily gushed that the grinder was “set to revolutionize the world of cannabis.” That’s an overstatement, but it is one of the few that breaks with ol’ Patent #795,746, ditching teeth that grind for a stainless-steel blade that cuts your cannabis. It’s also customizable, with various sifting discs and mesh screens (all of which are stainless steel) available to adjust grind size and kief collection.

Courtesy of Lift Innovations

I really like this grinder. It’s rather bulky and heavy, but it feels durable and well made. It cut cannabis into a fluffy mixture and handled all sorts of bud with ease. Whereas traditional grinders can sometimes get sticky and clogged, the Lift grinder consistently spun smoothly—which is nice in general but might be especially helpful for folks with arthritis.

My only issue with its operation was that the cutting blade doesn’t always bite into the bud very well unless you really mash it into the grinder. It’s a bit like how ice cubes can bounce around in a blender without being crushed.

For my purposes, the customization doesn’t matter much. I’m using the medium sifting disc and the coarse kief screen, which have worked fine for spliffs and joints. To switch the pieces, you’ll need to use the included tool, which doubles as an ashtray. (This seemed like a gimmick until I realized that using it as an ashtray kept me from misplacing it.) My request to the company: Put a little divot on the lip of the ashtray so smokers can set down their joints.


  • Easy operation
  • Great final grind
  • Customizable
  • Solid, durable construction


  • Not entirely stainless steel (body is aluminum)
  • Bulky, heavy, hard to carry in a pocket
  • Lots of parts
  • Occasional “ice-in-blender” problems

TL;DR: This is a top-of-the-line, full-featured grinder that uses some stainless steel parts. It’s a pleasure to use—and it’s what I find myself picking up at the end of the day—but it isn’t quite what I set out to find.

If you’re looking for a similar design for a lower cost and materials don’t matter as much to you, Lincig offers a copycat, all-aluminum version for $60.

Boomers Grinder ($95, 2-piece)

(Julia Sumpter/Leafly)

Keep it simple, stupid? That’s what you get with the Boomers grinder, for better or worse. It’s a two-piece grinder—no kief catcher or section to store your ground cannabis—and it’s 100% stainless steel.

It’s also 100% heavy, weighing in at nearly a pound.

The Boomers grinder works wonders in terms of breaking up bud. It’s been carefully machined and its teeth are sharp as hell, so even dense nugs or small stems don’t stand a chance. The downside, for me at least, is that it’s hard to get the ground flower out without dumping the whole thing—and if I try to reach my fingers in, those sharp teeth poke me.


How to Roll a Joint

It’d be a great tool for folks who grind up a lot of flower, dump it onto a rolling tray, and start rolling. But as someone who rolls a lot on the go, I prefer an easier way to pour cannabis out of a grinder.


  • Simple, no-nonsense operation
  • 100% stainless steel
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Probably functions as a self-defense tool


  • Only available as a two-piece grinder
  • Difficult to “pour” cannabis precisely
  • Will probably poke you

TL;DR: Boomers is the only 100% stainless-steel grinder I could find that’s currently on the market. If you’re set on stainless steel and don’t mind a two-piece grinder, get this one.

Other Alternatives

There are a few other aluminum alternatives aside from stainless steel. A handful of manufacturers now offer aluminum grinders that have been coated with other materials, putting a barrier between it and your cannabis. A few others use other metals; I’ve seen zinc and chromium advertised. Here are a few top choices:

SLX 2.0 ($50, 4-piece)

(Courtesy of SLX)

The SLX grinder uses higher-quality aluminum than most (according to a metallurgist’s review) and coats it in what the company describes as a food-safe, FDA-certified ceramic coating that’s free of Teflon, PTFE, “or any other carcinogenic materials.” It’s also apparently nonstick, making it easier to turn and less likely to clog.

While I don’t love that the core is still aluminum, a number of reviewers have said SLX’s ceramic coating is durable and doesn’t scratch or chip even when dropped. And with a nonstick coating, you presumably won’t have to scrape stubborn bits out of the grinder­, which in other grinders can produce little slivers of aluminum.

I haven’t tried an SLX grinder just yet, but it’s next on my list. I’ll update this review once I get my hands on one.

Space Case Titanium ($85, 4-piece medium)

(Courtesy of Space Case)

Space Case is one of the most popular names in grinders, and when I told people I was looking for a non-aluminum one, lots of folks pointed me toward the company’s titanium line. Like SLX, Space Case’s titanium grinders are aluminum that has been coated—in this case, with a titanium compound.

Reviewers online rave about Space Case’s precision engineering, ease of operation, and longevity. But a few reviews I came across complained that the titanium coating chips away over time, exposing the aluminum underneath. That might not bother most people, but it’s not what I was looking for.

TL;DR: It’s a much-loved grinder, but the titanium coating may eventually chip.

Chromium Crusher ($10, 4-piece)

(Courtesy of Amazon)

The first non-aluminum grinder I bought was this one. It claims to be made of a “durable zinc alloy” rather than aluminum, although frankly I don’t know what that means in terms of human health. Trace amounts of zinc are essential for good health, but too much can be harmful.

I got a lot of mileage out of my Chromium Crusher, but it suffers from many of the same flaws other grinders do: It clogs up over time, the lid can stick, and scraping it out shaves off little pieces of metal that can end up contaminating your cannabis. I felt more comfortable using that than an all-aluminum grinder, but I’m happy to have moved on to other alternatives.


  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Familiar operation
  • Not aluminum


  • Not a traditionally food-safe material
  • Clogs easily
  • Can leave metal shavings in cannabis

TL;DR: This non-aluminum grinder won’t break the bank, but the benefits over aluminum are limited.


Podcast: What Are You Smoking?

OK, so here’s the part where I admit I’m just a news editor who likes cannabis—not a hardcore product reviewer. If there’s anything I missed, pleae let me know in the comments or ping me on Twitter.

Back to the grind!

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New Strains Alert: Pure Love, Serious Happiness, Lennon, and More

Another week among the flowers, another New Strains Alert. This week we’ve added some European genetics hailing from The Netherlands and Spain, as well as two AK-47 crosses and two CBD-dominant crosses.

Wembley and Serious Happiness both lean on AK-47’s unique cerebral effects to add dimension and potency. Serious Happiness combines bright, citrus flavors with Warlock‘s light relaxation to create an award-winning strain that is generous in its yield as well as its potency. Wembley, presumably named for the area in Northwest London, is another AK-47 cross that digs deeper into indica-leaning genetics via a personal favorite, Bubble Gum. CBD Blue Shark and Pure Love offer more than just a solid CBD/THC ratio, with notes of cheese and herbs on one side and woody earth tones on the other.

Find these strains and more on Leafly, and if you’ve had the pleasure of any of these fine genetics, write a review and share your experience with the community.


Peak THC: The Limits on THC and CBD Levels for Cannabis Strains

Atomic by Bomb Seeds is a deep blend of potent genetics. OG Kush was crossed with Chemdawg, which was then crossed with THC Bomb to create Atomic. This blend of THC-dominant genetics lends Atomic potency that isn’t meant for everyone. Be warned that this intense high hits with a rush to the head and settles into a long-lasting body stone that evaporates stress and worries. Atomic has a fair yield and a Kushy flavor that is thick with gas and forest aromas. Enjoy Atomic after you clear your schedule as its effects may change your plans.

CBD Blue Shark by Barney’s Farm is a flavorful 1:1 CBD/THC cross of CBD Shark and Blue Cheese. These strains come together to offer consumers THC and CBD contents of 6.5%, which may help to reduce inflammation while improving mood and alleviating stress. CBD Blue Shark has a complex floral bouquet that contains hints of jasmine, berry, and cheese, making it a unique and challenging flavor palate. If growing this strain, note that it typically takes about 9 weeks to finish flowering.


CBD and the Brain: What Does It Do and What Is It Good For?

Wembley by Pyramid Seeds is an indica-dominant strain created by combining AK-47 and Bubble Gum. This fruity strain has a stable, solid morphology that is typically low to the ground and flowers in about 60 days. Its long-lasting relaxation pairs nicely with AK-47’s heady sizzle, giving Wembly an immersive physical sensation that sticks to the bones. Enjoy Wembley to improve mood while tempering minor physical pain.

Anubis by Pyramid Seeds is the indica-dominant cross of Somango and Wembley. This strain has been known to produce THC levels around 18% with touches of CBD and CBN that make this strain relaxing without being overly sedating. Anubis has a sweet aroma and a flavor some might describe as grapefruit or citrus peel, as well as calming physical effects that creep across the limbs. While growing, this plant remains short and squat, making it ideal for indoor or low-profile growers. This indica has a 56 to 63 day flowering time.


What Is CBN and What Are the Benefits of This Cannabinoid?

Lennon is a dizzying sativa-dominant strain from Pyramid Seeds. It’s a cross between Jack Herer and a pure Haze, giving the strain heady, uplifting qualities. This sativa is not for the faint of heart. Lennon’s potent psychoactive effects can be overwhelming for uninitiated consumers, leading to dizziness and disorientation. Mind your dosage and enjoy this strain’s citrus liqueur flavor alongside titillating mental and physical stimulation.

Pure Love is a hunger-inducing indica-dominant cross of LA Confidential and X18 Pure Pakistani. This sensual cross offers smooth grassy aromas with sharp astringent notes and a 2:1 CBD/THC ratio that is ideal for consumers looking to stimulate appetite, relax, and unwind. Pure Love’s buds are dense with green tones and bright orange pistils caked in sugary trichomes. Growers can expect a flowering period of 8 to 9 weeks and an average yield


CBD vs. THC for Sex: What’s the Difference?

Serious Happiness by Serious Seeds is a hybrid cross of THC-dominant genetics. Created by crossing a potent AK-47 mother with Warlock, a stress-relieving indica-dominant hybrid, Serious Happiness stays true to its name, offering a deep body buzz and a joyous state of mind. This strain has longevity as well as a stable hybrid growth structure that is easy to manicure and maintain. It’s also a generous producer, winning the 2016 Master Seed Cup in Spain for “Most Productive.” The terpene profile is fruity with touches of spice and sugar.

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The 7 Best Cannabis Kits for All Your Elevated Needs

You order a new pipe online, drive to the local dispensary, pick up a grinder from a friend…wouldn’t it be much more convenient to have everything you need in one simple kit? We think so, and to make your life a little easier, we scoured the market to bring you some of the best all-in-one cannabis kits.


Haute Box: 12 Luxury Cannabis Smoking Products and Accessories

From relaxing bath bomb sets to a bursting Vegas “Weed Box,” you’ll love discovering what’s inside these unique collections while indulging in must-have cannabis products gathered in one convenient pack.

(Courtesy of Van der Pop)

Send it to a friend, give it as a thank you gift, secretly sneak it into your partner’s stash—whatever you choose to do, Van der Pop’s mini Joint Card kit is the perfect gesture. Complete with a grinder card, rolling papers, and matchsticks, you’ll have everything a joint–lover needs right at your fingertips (save the cannabis).

Price: $25

(Courtesy of Kush Queen Cannabis)

If you consider yourself a relaxation aficionado, you better get your hands on Kush Queen Cannabis’s ultra-calming Lit Kit. Sink into a half THC/CBD-infused bath bomb, spark up the provided Skywalker OG, and pop the delectable infused chocolate for one extra soothing night.   

Price: Contact Kush Queen for price details


High DIY: How to Make Easy Cannabis-Infused Bath Bombs

(Courtesy of The Weekend Box)

A vacation in Las Vegas will never be the same thanks to the new Vegas Weekend Box. Jam-packed with Sin City’s best cannabis products, expect to find quality flower, delicious edibles, flavorful cartridges, and even your own vape pen. Check out Leafly’s unboxing of this incredible stash for a more detailed look at what’s inside.

Price: $199

(Courtesy of Erbanna)

Compact, smell-proof, sleek—what more could you possibly need in a portable stash kit? The K.I.T. by Erbanna boasts convenient elastic holders, grinder card, sticky mat, poker tool, containers, and enough room for an extra pre-roll or vape pen. Toss it in your purse or slip it in your back pocket for a discreet yet fulfilling session.

Price: $49.99


The 8 Best Smell-Proof Cannabis Stash Bags on the Market

(Courtesy of Laurie and Marie Jane)

Take the guesswork out of making your own edibles with the Canna Kit by Laurie & MaryJane. This little number includes seven grams of decarboxylated flower, instruction booklet, infusion cheesecloth, and 16 oz. jar—everything you need to make your own canna-infused oil or butter in an extra-simple way. Pop by the grocery store for some delicious eats and get ready to infuse all your favorite dishes.

Price: Check the L&MJ website for price updates

(Courtesy of Grenco Science)

If you consider pizza to be the number one staple in your diet, check out the Pizzanista! G Slim vape kit through Grenco Science. Cheesy slices paired with artistic designs truly make this unique collaboration pop. Packed with quality vape pen accessories, you’ll also receive a resealable bag, two magnets, rolling tray, and grinder card. Order in a tasty pie, invite a friend over, and make the most out of this amusing set.

Price: $59.95


The Best Discreet Vape Pens and Portable Vaporizers

(Courtesy of Tetra)

Polished and sophisticated, the Tetra Travel Kit by Tetra is a glossy take on the usual canna-kits. With an air of refinery, you’ll be enamored by the slick two-pronged tool pin, chic leather pouch, flameless gold lighter, and a small bottle of Japanese eye drops housed in a container that could belong on a high-end perfume counter. Take it anywhere and fool anyone with this elegant yet convenient kit.

Price: $90

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Haute Box: 10 Essentials for the Ultimate Summer Cannabis Beach Bag

Whether you’re poolside or by the beach, sometimes there’s nothing better than spending a lazy summer day stoned solo with a good book or getting blazed with friends for hours on end. For either of those, you’re going to want the ultimate summer cannabis beach bag by your side.


Use These 4 Cannabis Products to Make Infused Poolside Snacks

From a pot leaf inflatable float to hemp-based SPF, we’ve curated the ultimate list of summer supplies for the most elevated of sunbathing sessions. Love another product not included below? Share it in the comments!

Zeal Optics Fleetwood Sunglasses, $169

10 Ultimate Marijuana Essentials for a Summer Cannabis Beach Bag | Leafly(Julia Sumpter/Leafly)

We love Boulder-based Zeal Optics for using plant-based materials in 100% of its active sunglass frames—the only company in the world to do so. This Italian-made style is handcrafted with a cotton-base, so they’re not only fashionforward, but also biodegradable.

Shop: zealoptics.com

Juicy Jays Watermelon Flavored Rolling Papers, $2.79

Double the flavor, double the fun with fruity rolling papers made with a proprietary “triple-dipped” flavoring system for an infusion of the entire paper—not just the gum strip like other brands.

Shop: juicyjays.com


Leafly Staff Picks: Cannabis Strains and Products Perfect for Summer Days

Private Party Stoner Spice Swimsuit, $99

10 Ultimate Marijuana Essentials for a Summer Cannabis Beach Bag | Leafly(Julia Sumpter/Leafly)

This swimsuit says it all and is guaranteed to make a statement wherever you rock it.

Shop: shopprivateparty.com

BigMouth Inc. Weedzilla Pool Float, $19.95

We’ll see your played-out pool unicorn and raise you a floating pot leaf.

Shop: zumiez.com


Recipe: Cannabis-Infused Strawberry and Coconut Milk Popsicles

Hempz Yuzu & Starfruit Daily Herbal Moisturizing Dry Oil Body Spray, $20

10 Ultimate Marijuana Essentials for a Summer Cannabis Beach Bag | Leafly(Julia Sumpter/Leafly)

Say hello to your new summer SPF spray. Infused with pure natural hemp seed oil and Hempz’s signature fruit complex, this lightly scented, weightless daily moisturizer will help hydrate while protecting against the damaging UVA/UVB rays from sun exposure with broad-spectrum SPF 30.

Shop: hempz.com

House of Marley Riddim BT Portable Speakers, $129.99

Channel Bob and island vibes anywhere with this portable speaker. It’s built with a leather carrying strap, Bluetooth connectivity, and enhanced DSP, and is as perfect for reggae as for anything else.

Shop: thehouseofmarley.com


‘Alive for 36 and Gone for 36’: Remembering Bob Marley

10 Ultimate Marijuana Essentials for a Summer Cannabis Beach Bag | Leafly(Julia Sumpter/Leafly)

Made of collapsible, flexible silicone, Roll Uh Bowl is the perfect (and original) portable piece for outdoor adventures or just zoning out under an umbrella. Comes in an array of colors, though we’re partial to the summery ocean-blue version.

Shop: rolluhbowl.com

BIC Special Edition Vacation Series Lighters, $16.99

Flick a BIC with vacation flair: This pack of the classic disposable lighters includes eight different designs, so you’ll have enough to last you all summer.

Shop: shopbic.com


Hall of Flame: Unique Lighters With Extra ‘Flare’

Society6 Cannabis Soup Beach Towel, $38

10 Ultimate Marijuana Essentials for a Summer Cannabis Beach Bag | Leafly(Julia Sumpter/Leafly)

Props to this web store, which with every purchase empowers an independent artist somewhere in the world. Pop-art meets pot with Jenna Mhairi’s oversized Andy Warhol-esque terry beach towel—and we’re taking it everywhere this summer.

Shop: society6.com

BAGGU Tote, $14

You’ll use BAGGU’s plus size tote for pretty much everything from the beach to the farmer’s market, and this new palm leaf print is close enough to our plant of choice to get the point across.

Shop: baggu.com

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The 10 Best Infused Savory Edibles on the Market

If you harbor a deep love for edibles, you’re probably familiar with the hundreds—if not thousands—of infused sweet treats on the market. But sometimes you’d rather skip dessert and get elevated without the threat of cavities looming overhead. Enter the sometimes salty, always savory edibles that are sure to make your mouth water sans the hefty sugar bomb.


Hungry But Indecisive? Try These 5 Sweet ‘n Savory Stoner Snacks

From cheesy biscuits to delectable pizza sauces, your favorite comfort foods just got a delicious cannabis kick away from the usual cloying brownies or hard candies.

Pizza Sauce

(Courtesy of Clean Healing)

Made with fresh, organic ingredients, Clean Healing’s Pizza Sauce is as natural as it is delicious. With three levels of THC at your fingertips, you can conveniently cater to your specific dosing preferences whilst chowing down on spicy slices of pizza smothered in gooey mozzarella. Put your chef hat on and check out these enticing pizza recipes to take this Italian favorite to the next level.

Available In: California

Beef Jerky

(Courtesy of BadFish)

Need an easy snack to throw into your hiking backpack? Reach for the perfect protein-packed bite with Badfish Extracts’ Reef Jerky. This award-winning jerky is so delicious, you’ll have to hide it from your friends before they set their eyes on it. Take it on a camping adventure or a long road trip for a burst of THC in an unexpected yet tasty way.

Available In: California


Dante Jordan’s Totally Definitive, Totally Subjective Guide to the Best High Foods

Peanut Butter

(Courtesy of Cornucopia)

Oh, peanut butter: you have been a lifelong staple in many PB enthusiast’s diets with your rich flavor and decadent texture. Little could make your deliciousness even better…except, perhaps, cannabis. Kick this popular spread up a notch with Cornucopia’s Infused Peanut Butter. Spread it on bread, apples, or crackers, mix it into smoothies, oatmeal, or honey—this versatile treat can elevate a number of foods with the added benefits of healthy fats and protein to boot. Bonus: unlike the usual peanut butter brands, jars of Cornucopia contain no added sugars.

Available In: Arizona

Tomato-Basil Soup

(Courtesy of American Baked)

With autumn quickly approaching, now’s the time to stock up on hot soups and warming stews for fast and tasty meals. That said, you’ll love pairing rich slices of grilled cheese with American Baked’s Tomato-Basil Soup. Each package of this delectable crowd-pleasing dish contains 10mg of THC and is so simple to make, all you need is water. Keep it with your camping supplies or save it for a rainy day; either way, you’ll end up enjoying some delicious eats.

Available In: Washington


Need to Kick-Start Your Appetite? Try These 10 Cannabis Strains to Help Induce Hunger

BBQ Sauce

(Courtesy of Wild Urban)

Racks of ribs, pulled pork sandwiches, BBQ mac and cheese—none of these savory meals would be possible without a big helping of barbecue sauce. So grab Wild Urban Edibles’ Savory BBQ Sauce and gather your friends for a heightened night of grilled favorites while the weather is nice.

Available In: Oregon

Cheese Biscuits

(Courtesy of Auntie Dolores)

If you’re like any of us here at Leafly, you’re probably craving something cheesy at any given moment in time. Thankfully, Auntie Dolores has brought the best of two worlds together in one delectable package: Infused Cheese Biscuits. Made simply with zero gluten or sugar, these savory treats are a party favorite. Bonus: Auntie Dolores’s products are lab tested and readily available, so you know exactly what you’re getting in each and every bite.

Available In: California


How to Gourmet-ify Snacks to Satisfy Your Munchies

Roasted Garlic Crackers

(Courtesy of EdiPure)

Nothing says “savory” quite like roasted garlic, and EdiPure’s true-to-the-name Savory Roasted Garlic Crackers home in on this widely praised ingredient. If you’d rather pass on those strictly sweet gummies yet still want the added effects of cannabis, you’ll know where to turn for a tasty alternative. Dip them in guacamole or eat them as is, these crackers will have you reaching for more until the bag is empty.

Available In: Colorado

Parmesan-Herb Popcorn

(Courtesy of Yummi Karma)

What sounds better than relaxing at the end of a long day and getting lost in your favorite movie? Having a bowl of elevated popcorn to go along with it, of course! Yummi Karma’s infused Parmesan-Herb Popcorn is the perfect mix of salty and savory to awaken your taste buds while easing your mind. Each bag contains 75mg of THC, so you can easily dose as you chow down.

Available In: California


What’s the Best Potato Chip and Strain Flavor Pairing? We Held a Tournament to Find Out

Roasted Seed Mix

(Courtesy of Julie’s Natural Edibles)

Pumpkin and sunflower seeds make the best match in Julie’s Natural Edibles Roasted Seed Mix. With only four ingredients, this mix is a wonderful addition to salads, soups, granola, or just a snack on its own.

Available In: Colorado

Olive Oil

(Courtesy of Indo)

Make a vinaigrette for an elevated stoney salad, drizzle it over roasted vegetables, or use it to bake your favorite comfort foods—infused olive oil is so diverse, you’ll want to make sure you have it on hand for any occasion. But if you don’t have time to make your own batch, reach for Indo’s Olio Olive Oil. It’s the easiest (and most delicious) way to infuse your homemade savory dishes.

Available In: Washington

Have a go-to infused savory snack of your own? Tell us about it in the comments!

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New Strains Alert: Golden Tangie, Fire Alien Strawberry, and More

This week, we’re dropping a few Leafly user-submitted strains alongside cuts by Calyx Garden, OG Raskal, Archive Seeds, and Bert Baccarat & Los Angeles Kush. Golden Tangie and Tangie Ghost Train are this week’s two sativa-dominant crosses that have stimulating, mood-elevating effects reinforced by the funky fruit-forward terpene profile of Tangie. These herbal, tropical flavored buds are a great addition to picnics, hikes, nights at the club, and chores in or outside the house.

These stimulating crosses are counterbalanced by a few OG-rich hybrids, like Race Fuel OG and El Perro. While not entirely sedative, these hybrid crosses lean on pleasurable physical effects and smile-inducing euphoria that can help take the edge off at the end of the workday or temper stress and minor pain throughout the day. The Dessert also combines the indica-dominant genetics of Granddaddy Purple with the CBD-dominant strain Harlequin to create an enjoyable medicinal strain that helps some consumers overcome stress and anxiety while catching a positive, supplementary glow.


How Cannabidiol (CBD) Works for Treating Anxiety

Race Fuel OG (aka Race Fuel) by Archive Seeds is a potent hybrid steeped in gassy, earthy genetics. Created from the “High Octane” OG phenotype of OG Kush x Face Off OG, Race Fuel OG harnesses the intense diesel fuel aroma of “High Octane” while incorporating the deep body effects as well as citrus and pine aromas from Face Off OG. Race Fuel’s strong OG Kush backbone gives it mid-range potency with flavor to spare. The strain’s effects hit with a rush of energy to the head and settles down into a cozy, weighted stone that can help abate anxiety, ADD/ADHD, minor pain, and a lack of appetite.

El Perro is an award-winning cannabis collaboration between Bert Baccarat, Firerock Farms, and Los Angeles Kush. This potent hybrid is a cross of Stardawg (Nag Champa Cut) and True OG, and won 1st place at the 2017 High Time’s SoCal Cannabis Cup for Best Hybrid Flower. El Perro (aka The Dog) reeks of skunk, musk, and pine, creating a pronounced and unique terpene profile that will challenge the palate. This strain’s cerebral relaxation helps you shrug off stress and provides a soothing, pervasive body high that promotes stationary activities.


Infographic: What Are Cannabis Terpenes and How Do They Affect You?

Known by many names, The Dessert is a CBD-dominant cross of Harlequin and Granddaddy Purple. This earthy, slightly sweet sativa-dominant hybrid has been seen with a 3:1 CBD/THC ratio, slotting it firmly as a medicinal strain while offering enough THC whizbang for recreational cannabis consumers. The Dessert’s effects are lucid, but not stimulating, as well as cozy, but not couch-locked, making it ideal for folks seeking to quash anxiety and minor physical pain.

Golden Tangie by Calyx Garden is a sativa-dominant strain with tropical terpenes and stimulating effects. It was created by combining Golden Goat and Tangie, forming a pungent and sticky flower that smells of citrus and pine. This strain’s invigorating effects can be immediately felt in the head, neck, and shoulders. Golden Tangie elevates the mood while dissipating stress as its potent euphoria settles into the body. Consumers seeking to overcome fatigue and remain active should consider this sativa.


7 High-Energy Strains to Help You Get Active and Fight Fatigue

Tangie Ghost Train is a wonderful genetic pairing of potent and familiar cultivars. Tangie Ghost Train is a cross between DNA Genetics’ Tangie and Rare Dankness’s Ghost Train Haze #1. Expressing bulbous, golf-ball shaped buds with a dense structure and light orange hue, Tangie Ghost Train is as delicious as it looks. The trichome-covered buds reek of cedar and candied oranges with a tangy, pungent finish. This sativa-dominant strain is perfect for overcoming chronic fatigue.

Fire Alien Strawberry by OG Raskal Genetics is an extremely resinous flower. Created by crossing Kyle Kushman’s Strawberry Cough and Fire Alien Kush, Fire Alien Strawberry burst upward and outward with dense lateral growth catering to screen of green (SCROG) growers. The colas are hard and hairy, smelling of sweet fuel and herbs. Its strawberry-like terpenes are more apparent upon combustion and the effects are heady with a slight sativa-dominant bent.


How to Customize Your Cannabis High With Temperature

Blueberry Trainwreck is a sativa-dominant hybrid cross of Trainwreck and Blueberry. This strain, sometimes known as Blue TrainwreckBlue Wreck, and Blue Train, is well-loved for its pleasurable blend of flavors and effects. It expresses trichome-laden spade-shaped buds that are emerald green with amber hairs. Blueberry Trainwreck offers a sweet blueberry aroma, pungent earthy flavors, and effects that energize and focus. Utilize this hybrid to improve mood and combat fatigue.

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Use These 4 Cannabis Products to Make Infused Poolside Snacks

When drifting on your favorite pool float with the sun shining overhead, there’s nothing quite like chowing down on classic poolside snacks with a cannabis twist. Below, discover four cannabis-infused treats for beating the heat and making the most of your summer days.


Leafly Staff Picks: Cannabis Strains and Products Perfect for Summer Days

Lemon-Mint Infused Iced Tea


Cannabis Product: Blissful Black Stillwater Tea

Iced tea on a hot summer day—is there anything more thirst-quenching? This infused iced tea combines Blissful Black Stillwater Tea (2.5mg of THC in each package), fresh lemon, and mint for a refreshing poolside beverage.



  1. Bring one quart of water to a boil in a sauce pan. Remove from heat and add the tea sticks. Allow to steep for 10 minutes before removing sticks.
  2. Pour one quart of cold water into a large glass pitcher, then add the hot tea. If you prefer a classic Southern sweet tea to an unsweetened iced tea, add honey to the tea and stir well.
  3. Add sprigs of mint and four large slices of lemon to the tea. Refrigerate tea and allow to cool completely.
  4. When ready to serve, fill serving glasses with ice and pour tea. Enjoy!


The Leafly Guide to Pairing Tea and Cannabis

Pineapple Mango Canna-Salsa


Cannabis Product: GanjaEats Jalapeño Slices

This recipe takes classic salsa up a notch by highlighting tropical fruits, such as mango and pineapple, alongside infused jalapeños for the perfect kick! It’s light, spicy, sweet, and fun—the perfect dip after a dip in the pool.


  • 2 cups pineapple, diced in ½-inch pieces
  • 1 cup mango, diced in ½-inch pieces
  • 1 cup sweet orange bell pepper, diced in ½-inch pieces
  • 3 tablespoons GanjaEats Jalapeño Slices, minced
  • 1 cup red onion, diced
  • 2 tablespoons fresh cilantro, chopped
  • Juice of 2 limes (about ¼ cup)
  • Juice of ½ a lemon (about 2 tablespoons)
  • 1 teaspoon salt


  1. Prep and mix all ingredients (except salt) together in a glass serving bowl.
  2. Just before serving, sprinkle salt throughout mixture.
  3. Grab your favorite tortilla chips and enjoy!


Recipe: How to Make Cannabis-Infused Guacamole

Peachy Lemon Cannabis Popsicles


Cannabis Product: Honey Pot 50mg THC

Popsicles are a classic summer refresher, but these peachy lemon popsicles feature an extra cannabis twist. Combine fresh peaches, tart lemon juice, and infused honey for a sweet treat that keeps delighting long after the last bite.


  • 2 cups water
  • 2 medium peaches, diced
  • 3 tablespoons Honey Pot infused honey
  • Juice of 1 lemon (3–4 tablespoons)
  • Popsicle mold and sticks


  1. In a blender, combine peaches, honey, water, and lemon juice and puree until smooth.
  2. Pour mixture into popsicle mold and freeze for an hour.
  3. Remove from freezer, add popsicle sticks, return to freezer and freeze for another six hours or until frozen.
  4. Remove popsicles from molds and enjoy!


Recipe: Cannabis-Infused Strawberry and Coconut Milk Popsicles

Canna-Ranch Snack Mix


Cannabis Product: GanjaEats Vegetable Oil

This delicious homemade ranch snack mix features all your favorite crackers coated in ranch mix, dill, garlic, onion, and cannabis-infused oil. It’s the perfect munchie snack while lounging under an umbrella. Pro tip: You can use any combination of snacks you desire to create this mix!


  • 1 packet dry ranch dressing mix
  • One 9-ounce package oyster crackers
  • One 8-ounce bag of bagel chips
  • One 11-ounce box of cheese crackers
  • 8 ounces unsalted pretzels
  • ¾ cup GanjaEats vegetable oil
  • 1 teaspoon onion powder
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 2 teaspoon dill weed


  1. Preheat oven to 250˚F. In a large bowl, combine about 30 ounces total of assorted crackers, chips, and pretzels.
  2. Drizzle mixture evenly with infused vegetable oil, then add the ranch mix, onion powder, garlic powder, and dill. Stir well to combine and coat the mix evenly with oil and spices (otherwise, some handfuls will be much more potent than others!).
  3. Cover two cookie sheets with non-stick cooking spray. Spread snack mixture evenly across the two trays.
  4. Place in preheated oven and bake for 30 minutes, stirring the mixture at the 15-minute mark.
  5. Allow to cool, then combine mixture in a large serving bowl and enjoy!

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Top 10 Glass Brands to Watch for in 2017

This article is sponsored by Smoke Cartel, an online retailer and head shop made up of a close-knit team of glass lovers dedicated to making sure you get the best possible smoking gear.

There are multitudes of visionaries and innovators in the glass industry, and sometimes it can be overwhelming browsing through collections of pipes and smoking accessories—there’s just so much out there. However, 2017 is the year of the bong, so if you’re looking to upgrade your smoking arsenal, it’s best to know what brands to keep your eye out for.

Below, the glass experts at online headshop Smoke Cartel share the 10 vendors they are most excited about in 2017.

(Courtesy of Smoke Cartel)

If you’re looking for a classic and unbranded look, Glassheads offers some neat tricks (such as this classic Glow in the Dark Spoon) and some sweet treats (like the iconic Donut Hand Pipe). The brand features a robust catalogue of hand pipes and bubblers for those who like to take their gear on the go, and the master glassblowers at Glassheads enjoy combining their craftsmanship with their aptitude for observation. All together, it makes for an eclectic assortment of knick knacks perfect for any smoker.

(Courtesy of Smoke Cartel)

Finding good smoking accessories for concentrates is hard! Luckily, the recently launched ELEV8 is offering some of our favorite must-haves of the moment. With ELEV8, you can look dapper and act practical at the same time: The ELEV8 Enail, for instance, is an effortless and luxurious way to smoke while optimizing your temps, and will save you a lot on butane and fragile torches in the long run. The Pineapple Silicon Wax Container will keep your concentrates safe and tasty, and allow you to show off your style in the meantime.

Based out of California, UPC is the manufacturer to check out if you’re more of a utilitarian smoker. The brand standardizes all of its pipes and bongs to be the exact size and shape needed for optimized filtration, which makes for one of the most high-functioning lines around. One puff out of their Classic Beaker Bases or Showerhead Bubblers, and you’ll be a believer. UPC has maintained reliability for years now, making it one of the standout brands we recommend to new smokers or anyone looking to get back to the basics.

(Courtesy of Smoke Cartel)

If you think Chinese glass can’t be high-quality, we suggest rethinking some of your assumptions. China Glass comes from a team of master glassblowers from the Hebei province of Northern China. Based on classic Chinese ceramic arts, China Glass emphasizes an uncluttered and refined aesthetic that’s rare to find in the smoking industry, with elegant bongs such as the “Liao Dynasty” Vase and the “Kublai” Hammer. China Glass is as beautiful as it is dynamic, and the wide variety of body shapes offered in their inventory will provide every smoker with a unique and personalized selection.

(Courtesy of Smoke Cartel)

Ah, Sesh Supply, a beloved affiliate of Smoke Cartel that we’ve been working with for years now. Inspired by the gods and goddesses of Greek mythology, Sesh Supply manufactures grand and iconic bongs that combine uncommon percolation systems with extraordinary body designs. The brand is especially well known for the spinning propellor perc, a percolator popularized through their “Scylla” Beaker Rig. Sesh Supply has since pushed the boundaries of what smokers previously thought possible with the incredible “Hydra” Triple Recycler. Available in a multitude of colors, Sesh Supply bongs are for the smoker who likes to stand out.

(Courtesy of Smoke Cartel)

High Tech is one of those rare vendors that seems to just get better and better every year. We saw High Tech reach a new level of popularity with our customers with the colorful Trap Tube 2.0, and now they are just plain impressing us with their stylish and tasty Mule Kick Perk A Cola. Designed with concentrate in mind, High Tech has been in vogue since we started Smoke Cartel and doesn’t seem to have any intention of slowing down.

What good is good glass when you don’t do the right prep work? Grinders improve the potency of your stash by keeping your pollen safe and optimizing airflow in the bowl of your piece. Kraken Grinders offer some of the best grinders available on the market, their most well-known being the multi-tiered 2.5” 4-Piece Grinder. They also have a new Pollen Press available, which makes compressing your dry herbs easy as pie!

Chubz Glass is a Smoke Cartel-exclusive glassblower who operates as a heady artist right out of our studio. Chubz focuses on monster-themed pieces, such as the “Leech” Chillum and the Little Fumed “Mongrel” Rig. These pipes contain character like no other, and the glassworking talent shows with the attention to detail and the liveliness of each individual piece.  Perfect for your mantle, we highly recommend a Chubz piece for any creature-lover or character collector.

(Courtesy of Smoke Cartel)

Empire Glassworks has earned a stellar reputation in the glass industry for some of its incredibly detailed designs and unique styles of hand pipes and bongs. This year, Empire is expanding its adorable collection even further with handpipes such as the Avocadope Pipe and dab rigs like the Boba Tea Mini Rig. This is a great go-to brand for the smoker looking to find the ideal piece for their home. Fortunately, their new releases are tastier than ever, and we can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with next!

BoroTech is a brand new vendor and hands down one of the defining brands of 2017. BoroTech shows off its dynamism and capabilities with a wide range of products: some simple like the “Sigurd” Side Arm Beaker, others complex like the “Midgard” Inverted Showerhead to Sprinkler with Fab Body. BoroTech Glass was started by glass enthusiasts just like you, who wanted something more out of the traditional glass pipe. Now, they’re putting out bona fide chimera pipes that function like the wild beasts they are, and we can’t get enough of them.

Keep an eye out for these brands and others at your trusted online headshop, Smoke Cartel.

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High DIY: How to Make Easy Cannabis-Infused Bath Bombs

Sylvia Plath wasn’t wrong when she said, “There must be quite a few things that a hot bath won’t cure, but I don’t know many of them.” And what could possibly make this already soothing activity even more relaxing? A little help from THC or CBD in the form of a colorful bath bomb!

It’s no secret that bath bombs have been a hot commodity for some time now—these palm-sized fizzies come in a variety of shapes and colors while boasting excellent skin benefits. Pairing those benefits with the added body-relaxing effects provided by cannabis can lead to the ease of tension, reduced inflammation, and overall tranquility.


6 of the Best Cannabis Bath Products on the Market

Whether you’ve been on your feet all day and your body is aching, or you’re simply looking for an excellent way to enjoy a lazy afternoon, below we show you how to make the perfect cannabis-infused bath bomb.

Note: Cannabis-infused topicals will not get you high. Click here to learn why.

(Julia Sumpter/Leafly)

How to Make Your Own Cannabis Bath Bombs

Start to finish: 3+ hours (active: 15 minutes)

Yields: 1 bath bomb


  • Bath bomb molds (we love these ones from Amazon)
  • 4 ounces baking soda
  • 2 ounces corn starch
  • 2 ounces citric acid
  • 2 ounces epsom salt
  • 1 ½ teaspoons water
  • 1 teaspoon essential oil
  • ¼ teaspoon THC or CBD infused coconut oil or tincture
  • 1–2 drops food coloring or mica color powder


What Are Cannabis Topicals and How Do They Work?

(Julia Sumpter/Leafly)


  1. Combine all dry ingredients (except color) in a bowl. Whisk until evenly mixed.
  2. Combine all wet ingredients (except color) in a small glass vessel (a shot glass works perfectly).
  3. Very slowly, stir the liquid mixture into the dry mixture, whisking as you go. If you see lots of fizzing, you’re going too fast. If you’re using food drops for coloring, add them now.
  4. After all ingredients are evenly combined, the mixture should feel like damp sand. To test it out, put a small amount in your hand and squeeze. It should stick together in 1–2 big chunks once you release your hand. Add a few more drops of water if it doesn’t. Once you reach the desired consistency, mix in the color powder (if using).
  5. Fill each half of your mold with the mixture until it is a little over-filled, but don’t pack too densely. Loosely sprinkle some more of the mixture on each half (this helps the two sides meld).
  6. Press the halves together firmly and hold for a few seconds. Gently remove one side of the mold.
  7. Place the bath bomb mold side down and allow to dry for about 20 minutes. Carefully remove the other side of the mold in a gentle twisting motion. (Pro tip: Bath bombs can fall apart very easily, but you can remold one side or re-mix the whole ball and start over if you need to.)
  8. Let sit for a few hours (or preferably overnight) until bath bomb is totally firm, then enjoy a soothing cannabis-infused bath and let your stress melt away!

(Julia Sumpter/Leafly)

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