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Ask a Budtender: Best WA Cannabis Products for March 2017

As a budtender, trying and evaluating new strains, products, and brands is all a part of the job. This March, I set out to try a bunch of new-to-me products and narrow them down to my top five favorites. Two of the strains I tried, however, were so good that I couldn’t make myself choose between them, which is a wonderful problem to have. These six flowers and concentrates were my favorite finds in March, and I highly recommend making a trip to one of these shops to pick some up for yourself!


Ask a Budtender: How Do You Determine Cannabis Quality?

Blueberry Pancakes by Nebula Gardens

(Image courtesy of Nebula Gardens)(Image courtesy of Nebula Gardens)

Product Type: Flower
Fweedom Cannabis (Mountlake Terrace)

It has been a long time since I opened a package of flower with the word “Blueberry” on the label and actually thought, “Wow, that smells like blueberries.” Enter Nebula Gardens to save the day! I picked up an eighth of Blueberry Pancakes based on the recommendation of a friend and fellow budtender and was extremely glad I did. Its smell and flavor were both exactly what I expected—sweet and mild with a genuinely berry-esque aftertaste. The high was well balanced between a mild body buzz and classic, giggly euphoria.

Jack’s Cleaner BHO by Mother Nature’s Own

(Image courtesy of Mother Nature's Own)(Image courtesy of Mother Nature’s Own)

Product Type: Concentrate/Butane Hash Oil
Green Lady (Everett)

When I worked for a medical dispensary, Jack’s Cleaner was my absolute favorite strain that we carried. From the first time I tried it, the sharp and piney citrus taste and incredibly clear-headed high had me amazed. It has never once let me down, so when I see it on the shelves, I’ll always give it a try.

This wax was priced so well that I admit I was a little hesitant to try it, despite my friend’s recommendation. But the quality is shockingly impressive for the price point and the high is just as clear-headed and focused as I remember. I’m letting that serve as an important reminder to myself: A low price doesn’t always mean low quality, and the same is definitely true in the other direction; pricey cannabis doesn’t necessarily ensure quality.

Dutch Treat by Clandestine Gardens

(Image courtesy of Clandestine Gardens)(Image courtesy of Clandestine Gardens)

Product Type: Flower
Ruckus (Capitol Hill)

Seeing classic strains done the right way is surprisingly rare in the adult-use market (I said something similar about the Blueberry strain I tried this month, but it bears repeating). This Dutch Treat was a great representation of the traditional strain, providing a well-balanced, primarily cerebral high accompanied by a sharp, piney flavor profile.

White Widow Ice Wax by TerpCo

(Image courtesy of TerpCo)(Image courtesy of TerpCo)

Product Type: Bubble Hash
Price: $40/gram
Location: Fweedom Cannabis (Seattle)

Generally speaking, I’m not a big fan of bubble hash. I know it’s cleaner. I know it’s overall better for me. But it’s just not my thing. I don’t care for the residue that even full-melt hash leaves on my nail, and the flavor tends to be similar across the board, leaving little strain-specific flavor to be had.

There are some definite exceptions to this rule (such as Polar Icestracts, a former medical producer that makes amazing hash with high-quality flower from stellar cultivator Gold Leaf Gardens), and I’m glad to have found another. This White Widow from TerpCo gave me a whole new perspective on ice wax–and you don’t even have to pay top dollar to experience it.

Dragon OG by Avitas

(Image courtesy of Avitas)(Image courtesy of Avitas)

Product Type: Flower
Price: $54/eighth
Location: Hashtag Cannabis (Fremont)

I have to admit, I chose this one purely based on name (something I often discourage my customers from doing) and I did not expect it to be nearly as good as it was. I was impressed as soon as my budtender showed me the package, and it fully lived up to how it looked.

This strain was frosty with trichomes, the nugs were dense, and the scent was pure OG goodness. I found the high to be strong with a mild sativa-dominant effect, paired with a very pleasant body buzz. It’s perfectly versatile, suitable for a day of errands followed by an evening of movies. Of all the products I tried this month, this is the only one that drove me back to Hashtag for more, and I will be adding Dragon OG to my regular repertoire of strains.

Lemon Meringue by Avitas

(Image courtesy of Avitas)(Image courtesy of Avitas)

Product Type: Flower
Price: $16/gram
Location: Hashtag Cannabis (Fremont)

This citrusy-sweet sativa was delicious! As soon as I cracked open the bag, my living room was saturated with the smell of fresh lemons with a hint of that classically spicy cannabis scent underneath. The flavor matched up with it perfectly; sweet and mild on the inhale with a tangy lemon aftertaste. Lemon Meringue’s high was delightfully cerebral, which led to a batch of homemade pop tarts and me reading an entire sci-fi novel in one day.

Being adventurous, trying new things, and exploring new options is an important part of every aspect of life, so this month was a great reminder to keep incorporating that attitude into my cannabis use as well. Variety is the spice of life, after all…or is that cannabis?

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These Cannabis Strains All Have Unique Cannabinoids

Cannabis has an interesting and varied chemistry. The array of acids, enzymes, and chemical compounds that compose the cocktail of cannabinoids in the cannabis flower varies from strain to strain. Generally, THC and CBD take the lead in terms of raw percentage, though there are a handful of strains that are exceptions to this rule and exist as outliers containing higher than average levels of esoteric cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, and CBC.

It’s important to note that certain strains and genetic crosses are more prone to creating higher quantities of these seldom-seen cannabinoids, but the phenotype and cultivation method play a big role in the overall chemical composition of a strain. The following strains* have been known to create higher percentage of CBG, CBN, and CBC, respectively.

Cannabis Strains That Contain CBN

CBN has indica-like effects in terms of reducing pain and inflammation, offering sedative, body-driven effects while stimulating the appetite. This cannabinoid is usually more accessible in medical cannabis dispensaries because of its application in treating a litany of different ailments. Also, growers have noted that later harvests can generated higher CBN content in cured flower. This makes sense, given that CBN is a breakdown product of THC. The longer a bud is exposed to the elements (especially heat and UV light), the more CBN is likely to form.


What is CBN and What Are the Benefits of This Cannabinoid?

Leafly Animal Cookies hybrid cannabis strain   Animal Cookies

Cookie strains generally have a relaxing bent, but find one with high CBN like Animal Cookies and you are in for a sedative treat.

Leafly Ace of Spades indica cannabis strain   Ace of Spades

Ace of Spades‘ citrus terpene profile and overall indica dominance makes this a go-to for chill nights with an early bedtime.

Cannabis Strains That Contain CBG

CBG, like CBN is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that can be found only in trace amounts in your average batch of cannabis. But surprisingly, CBG is the chemical precursor to both THC and CBD. It has outstanding medicinal uses that include assisting patients with interocular pressure, inflammatory bowel disease, and muscle spasms. CBG’s lack of psychoactive effects makes it an almost purely therapeutic cannabinoid.


What Is CBG and What Are the Benefits of This Cannabinoid?

Leafly Magic Jordan hybrid cannabis strains   Magic Jordan

Magic Jordan is a mysterious Hawaiian strain from Colorado Seed Inc. that has been known to assist consumers with insomnia and restlessness.

Leafly Destroyer sativa cannabis strain   Destroyer

Destroyer is known for its huge yield and massive THC%. This thumper’s cannabinoid profile offers both recreational and medicinal uses.

Leafly Mickey Kush sativa cannabis strain   Mickey Kush

Beyond its happy and uplifting effects, Mickey Kush can also benefit consumers looking to abate nausea and gastrointestinal distress.

Leafly Allen Wrench sativa cannabis strain   Allen Wrench

Allen Wrench is a heady strain. Its powerful heady buzz helps reduce interocular pressure while stimulating activity.

Other CBG-friendly strains:

  • Bleu Berries (White Label)
  • Eldorado (Sativa Seedbank)

Cannabis Strains That Contain CBC

CBC is probably the most under-defined of the trace cannabinoids in cannabis, but it’s gaining notoriety for its use as a potential antidepressant.


Cannabis and Depression

Leafly 3 Kings hybrid cannabis strain   3 Kings

Known for reducing stress and pain, 3 Kings shines as a testament to its popular Sour Diesel, OG Kush, and Headband lineage.

Other CBC-friendly strains:

  • Jorge’s Diamonds #1 by Dutch Passion
*Some of this information was pulled from grower forums and Potbot.com regarding reported cannabinoid percentages.

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Predicting Cannabis Strain Effects From THC and CBD Levels

Predicting Cannabis Strain Effects From THC and CBD Levels

Whether you’re an adult-use consumer looking for a specific kind of high or a medical patient seeking symptom relief, the THC:CBD ratio will strongly affect your experience. As Leafly has explored previously, CBD is able to diminish some of THC’s effects because it interacts with receptors in the brain very differently than THC does.

The psychoactive effects of cannabis depend on THC’s ability to activate the CB1 receptor. The presence of CBD changes THC’s ability to activate CB1 receptors and laboratory studies in both animals and humans, which tells us that CBD can diminish some of THC’s effects (Figure 1). This is a big reason why a mixed strain like Harlequin or Cannatonic will hit you very differently from high-THC strains like Blue Dream, Sour Diesel, or Northern Lights.

THC vs. CBD at the CB1 receptorFigure 1: The psychoactive effects of cannabis depend largely on THC’s ability to activate CB1 receptors in the brain. Left: Activation of CB1 receptors by THC in the brain triggers many of the classical effects of cannabis. This includes pleasant effects like euphoria and relaxation and side effects like short-term memory impairment and anxiety, especially at higher doses. Right: CBD does not activate the CB1 receptor. Instead, CBD interferes with THC’s ability to activate the CB1 receptor, which can decrease some of THC’s side-effects. (Amy Phung/Leafly)

THC and CBD aren’t the only things that matter. Strain effects will also depend on the presence of other compounds, like terpenes. Nonetheless, the THC:CBD ratio is a huge factor in how a strain will affect you. Can we anticipate any general effects from the THC:CBD ratio alone?

Predicting Likely Strain Effects

It is well established that CBD does not have the psychoactive effects that THC does. When people take pure CBD, even at very high doses, it is well tolerated and produces no obvious intoxicating effects. We also know that when in the presence of CBD, some of THC’s effects are reduced. CBD won’t erase THC’s psychoactive effects, but the effects will be different.

Cannabis connoisseurs will be well aware of the general differences between the effects of high-THC vs. mixed strains, and will want to dig deeper into strain information (e.g. terpene levels). Novice cannabis consumers, by contrast, should start by understanding the basic differences between mixed vs. high-THC strains before worrying about further subtleties or experimenting with the more potent cannabis products.

Plot graph of THC vs. CBDFigure 2: Cannabis strains can be grouped into three broad categories based on their THC:CBD ratio. High-THC strains have significant THC levels but negligible CBD. Mixed strains contain significant levels of both THC and CBD, but generally less THC than high-THC strains. High-CBD strains (hemp) contain significant CBD levels and negligible THC. See this article for more information. (Amy Phung/Leafly)

Mixed strains like Harlequin or Cannatonic will still get you high, but your experience will be noticeably different compared to high-THC strains. Based on what we know from scientific studies, the effects of mixed strains may differ from high-THC strains in the ways listed below.

Important caveat: The differences listed below are based on what we know about THC and CBD from human and animal studies. They’re the ways we can reasonably expect the effects of mixed strains to differ from high-THC strains based solely on their THC:CBD ratios. The presence or absence of other compounds will likely influence the effects of specific strains and products. The list below should be viewed as a basic introduction to plausible differences between mixed and high-THC strains. It should not be considered a definitive guide to how every single mixed of high-THC strain will affect you.

You May Be Less Likely to Experience Anxiety With Mixed Strains vs. High-THC Strains

Studies in both humans and animals indicate that CBD can have anti-anxiety effects. Studies in humans have observed that CBD can diminish the anxiety provoked by a stressful situation (like public speaking) or the paranoia and cognitive impairment provoked by THC administration. Laboratory studies in animals also generally find that CBD reduces behavioral measures of anxiety.


How Cannabidiol (CBD) Works for Treating Anxiety

There seem to be two important reasons for this. First, CBD diminishes THC’s ability to activate CB1 receptors, which is critical for many of the core components of the cannabis high. For some people, this includes anxiety or paranoia (especially with high doses of THC). Second, CBD can exert direct anti-anxiety effects through its influence on other receptor systems in the brain. CBD’s ability to activate specific serotonin receptors in the brain seems to be related to some of its anti-anxiety effects. (The serotonin system is a common target of some prescription drugs commonly used to treat anxiety).

CBD receptor systemsFigure 3: CBD interacts with many different receptor systems in the brain. It interacts with cannabinoid receptors indirectly by interfering with THC’s ability to activate them. CBD directly activates many other receptor types in the brain, including opioid, dopamine, and serotonin receptors. Its effects through those receptor systems may allow it to treat a variety of medical ailments. (Amy Phung/Leafly)

You May Experience Less Short-Term Memory Impairment

Reading book

A hallmark of the THC-induced high, especially at higher doses, is short-term memory impairment. Studies in humans have found that certain memory deficits caused by THC consumption are diminished by CBD. For example, a 2010 study examined the effects of smoked cannabis on memory. Intriguingly, this study assessed regular cannabis consumers and allowed them to ingest their own cannabis. Both cannabis and saliva samples were subsequently used to measure THC and CBD levels.

Participants were split into two groups based on the THC and CBD levels that researchers measured in their samples. Some were smoking what we’re calling high-THC strains, which lack significant levels of CBD, while others were smoking mixed strains. On average, the THC content was similar in both groups, but the cannabis consumed by those smoking mixed strains also contained CBD. The result: those who smoked mixed strains did not display the memory impairment seen in the high-THC strain consumers.


How Does Cannabis Affect Your Memory?

Another human study examined the effects on memory of oral consumption of pure THC and CBD. Consumption of only THC resulted in memory impairments, as expected. When participants were given CBD prior to THC consumption, some memory deficits were diminished, but not others. Thus, CBD won’t simply block all of THC’s effects. Some may be diminished while some are not. The specific effects will depend on the precise THC:CBD ratio, method of consumption, and presence of other compounds, such as terpenes.

You May Be Less Likely to Get Sleepy, and More Likely to Feel Alert

Pouring latte art into the cup

It is well established that THC can have sedative effects, and small studies in humans have found that CBD can counteract them. Pure THC given on its own tends to have sedative effects, while pure THC and pure CBD given in combination tends to produce increased wakefulness. Animal studies are generally consistent with these findings: administering pure CBD to rats can increase wakefulness and decrease REM sleep.

It’s possible that CBD’s effects on wakefulness depend on dose. Both human and animal studies indicate that pure CBD, given alone or in combination with pure THC, has anti-sedative effects at low-to-moderate doses. Small human studies where people have been given very large doses of pure CBD have been mixed, with some finding sedative effects and others finding no effects on wakefulness.


Cannabis and Sleep: 10 Things to Know About Your Herbal Nightcap

Consuming a commercial strain should be equivalent to receiving a low dose of CBD, so you may be less likely to experience sedation by consuming a mixed strain that contains both THC and CBD. This is also what we expect based on our knowledge that activating the CB1 receptor promotes sleep. Remember, CBD diminishes THC’s ability to activate CB1 receptors. This is another example where one of THC’s potential side effects (sedation) will likely decrease in the presence of CBD.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that it’s still possible that some CBD-containing drugs and high-CBD (hemp) strains have sedative effects. This could be caused by compounds other than CBD, such as the terpene myrcene, which can be present at significant levels in certain strains. So, while knowing the THC:CBD can tell you a lot about the potential effects of different strains, it may not always be a surefire guide to predicting exactly how a strain will affect you.

You May Be Less Likely to Get the Munchies

Hunger has long been one of the most famous side effects of cannabis consumption. For some, it’s a wonderful part of the cannabis experience. For others, it’s a highly undesirable side effect that makes them leery of consumption.

This is another effect driven by THC’s ability to activate CB1 receptors. In laboratory studies in rodents, increased feeding is observed once the rodents are given THC or other compounds that activate CB1 receptors. If you prevent THC from activating these receptors, you do not see increased feeding. That’s how we know that the THC-CB1 receptor interaction is critical for this effect.


The Science of Munchies: Why Does Cannabis Stimulate Your Appetite?

Animal studies have also investigated how CBD affects feeding behavior. On its own, CBD seems to have no effect. However, in the presence of compounds that activate CB1 receptors, it blocks the increases in feeding that are observed with CB1 receptor activation alone. To my knowledge, CBD’s effects on hunger have not been studied in humans.

Given what we know about CBD’s ability to interfere with the THC-CB1 receptor interaction, we would expect mixed strains containing CBD to be less likely to give you the munchies, while high-THC strains should be more likely to do so. Again, it’s possible that the presence or absence of other compounds will also matter.

General effects across cannabis strainsFigure 4: Consumers will experience different effects with different products and strains. THC and CBD levels can vary widely between strains, and knowing the THC:CBD ratio can help you anticipate and remember how specific strains affect you. Based on laboratory experiments, some of the classical THC-induced effects of cannabis may be diminished in mixed strains with significant CBD levels. Ultimately, the effects of a strain will also depend on a variety of other factors. (Amy Phung/Leafly)


Whether you’re a seasoned consumer or new to cannabis, it’s worth considering the THC:CBD ratio when assessing what kind of strain is right for you. This is especially true for novice cannabis consumers who may be nervous or overwhelmed by the sheer variety of strains and products.

New consumers may want to start out with mixed strains, which not only have lower THC levels than most high-THC strains, but also contain CBD. Everyone’s different, and there are certainly no guarantees, but mixed strains should make you less likely to experience unwanted side effects like anxiety, sleepiness, or feeling “too high.”

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New Strains Alert: Doctor Doctor, Ice Princess, Ill OG, and More

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Today we are sharing a trio of new additions from Los Angeles Kush, including Ill OG, a thrice-deep backcross of True OG, and Bert’s Cookie Dough, a GSC x OGKB cross that fortifies its Cookies aroma and effects. We also connected with our pals at Soulshine Cannabis and got the skinny on their sedating Hawaiian Big Bud cross, Aloha. Doctor Doctor by Vodis USA also made this week’s list. The approximate 20:1 CBD/THC ratio of this strain offers consumers physical benefits that can preserve mental clarity while abating muscle tension, anxiety, and minor inflammation. Explore these strains and more through our Explorer, and if you’ve had a strain and have something to say, share it in a review.

Federal Reserve by Los Angeles Kush is another heavy indica cut out of Southern California. Created by crossing SFV OG with a special Los Angeles Kush phenotype, this strain offers deep relaxation and sedation. Federal Reserve’s terpene profile is strong and pungent, smelling of pine, gas, and skunk. Its body effects can help sooth minor physical pain and help nullify stress and anxiety.


Cannabis Genotypes and Phenotypes: What Makes a Strain Unique?

Sour Breath is an odiferous sativa-dominant strain from parent strains Lamb’s Breath and Sour Diesel. This strain imbues consumers with uplifting mental effects and stimulating physical effects that prompt activity. The sour, fuel-forward terpene profile of Sour Breath makes it loud out of the jar, so be prepare for a room-filling aroma. Enjoy Sour Breath throughout the day, but mind your dosage as anxiety is a possible side effect after heavy consumption, especially in unseasoned consumers.

Ill OG by Los Angeles Kush is a True OG backcross that goes three generations deep. This strain’s OG aroma is all pine and earth, speaking to the heavy, long-lasting physical effects that saddle the body with weighted relaxation. Its carefree buzz makes this stoney indica perfect for curbing stress and depression. Couchlock and lethargy are natural side effects, so consider enjoying this sedating strain later in the evening.


Cannabis and Sleep: 10 Things to Know About Your Herbal Nightcap

Doctor Doctor by Vodis USA is a high-CBD sativa-dominant phenotype of the landrace Malawi. This cannabinoid power plant has been known to generate over 20% CBD and approximately 1-2.5% THC. With this medicinal ratio, Doctor Doctor provides potent wellness driven effects that settle nausea, reduce inflammation, and abate anxiety all while preserving mental clarity. Overall, Doctor Doctor is the perfect choice for consumers seeking a smooth, flavorful smoke with the potential to ease both physical and mental stresses.

Ice Princess by Brothers Grimm Seeds is a hybrid cross between a Cinderella 99 mother and a White Widow father. This combination creates dense, resinous pine tree shaped colas that reek of skunk, spice, and tropical fruit. It fares best indoors and is known to yield larger crops with the addition of extra light. Ice Princess offers consumers cerebral effects similar to Cinderella 99, but with heavier physical potency.


Cannabis Anatomy: the Parts of the Plant

Bert’s Cookie Dough by Los Angeles Kush is a heavy Cookies phenotype crossed with the renowned West Coast mainstay, OGKB. This hybrid was crafted by none other than Bert Baccarat for LAK and thus, the namesake. It offers a classic Cookies bouquet of pungent earth and doughy sweetness overlaid with notes of pine. The effects are heavy, weighing consumers to the couch while the warm body effects help alleviate stress, minor pain relief, and insomnia.

Aloha by Soulshine Cannabis (not to be mistaken with the sativa-dominant variety of Aloha) is a deeply sedative strain best saved for the evening. This indica-dominant variety is a mixture of Ice Princess (Cinderella 99 x White Widow) and Hawaiian Big Bud. Aloha’s odor is pleasant and forest-like, giving off earthy and skunky terpenes. The flavor is also earthy, but retains a hint sweetness on the exhale. Aloha hits hard and fast, weighing heavily on the eyelids and the limbs. Its high potency makes it a natural fit for seasoned consumers, and its deep relaxation makes it worthwhile for those seeking relief from insomnia and anxiety.

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What’s the Best Potato Chip and Strain Flavor Pairing? We Held a Tournament to Find Out

Judging Criteria

Chip and strain matchups were given to a group of eager Leafly employees who judged each baggie of chips and cannabis strain sample on a scale of 1-5 (1 = Awful, 2 = Pretty Bad, 3 = Decent, 4 = Good, 5 = Fantastic). Neither the chips nor the strain was labeled, making this a blind taste test. Judges tried the chips first, then the cannabis, then revisited the chips after vaporing the cannabis for a while. Winners advanced based on which combos had the highest pairing score out of 20 possible points.

Elite Eight Round: ‘Breakfast’

“I still have no idea what flavor they are but the cannabis made it taste more like BBQ, which is a winner in my book.”

Maple Bacon and Presidential OG pairing feedback

Southern Biscuits & Gravy/Tillamook Strawberry vs. Maple Bacon/Presidential OG

Described as having an “almost Italian seasoning type of aroma,” Southern Biscuits & Gravy chips were paired with the “refreshingly piney-scented” Tillamook Strawberry cannabis that smelled “like a nice forest.” One judge felt the sweeter flavor of Tillamook Strawberry offset the savory flavor of the Biscuits & Gravy Lays to create a “potent and delicious combination.”

Southern Biscuits & Gravy/Tillamook Strawberry Pairing Score: 15 / 20

Keen-eyed judges noticed the “kettle-cooked style” of the Maple Bacon chips, and admired how Presidential OG looked “really frosty and fiery all at once, with red hairs and prominent trichomes.” Despite the fact that one of our judges wasn’t “normally a BBQ chip guy,” he felt the pairing created a nice combo that “definitely cured [his] munchies.”

Maple Bacon/Presidential OG Pairing Score: 16 / 20

Elite Eight Winner: Maple Bacon and Presidential OG

‘Breakfast’ Region Winner: Kettle Foods Maple Bacon Potato Chips and Presidential OG

In the end, the smoky sweet BBQ pairing edged out the southern classic.

Elite Eight Round: ‘Herbs ‘n Spices’

“The sour pickle chips and the warm sunny hug from this strain reminds me of sitting outside on a sunlit café terrace with a sandwich in front of you that comes with a pickle slice on the side.”

Dill Pickle and XJ-13 pairing feedback

Kettle Dill Pickle/XJ-13 vs. Sea Salt Sweet Potato/Humboldt Royal Kush

Our stoned judges dug the wavy ruffle of the Kettle Dill Pickle chips, but were split when it came to the flavor. Some described it as “delicious!”, while others were less than kind, saying, “I don’t…I don’t know how I feel about this. Sour, vinegary, pickley. What is happening here?” XJ-13 was described as having a similarly sour smell, with “earthy, peppery,” and “a little spicy” notes.

Dill Pickle/XJ-13 Pairing Score: 16 / 20

The judges were pretty tough on the sweet potato chips, remarking that they “could use a little more seasoning” and complaining that the texture was “too thick and crunchy.” The Royal Kush fared better, as it was “sweeter when heated” and had “a hint of citrus in the first few hits.”

Sweet Potato/Royal Kush Pairing Score: 15 / 20

Elite Eight Winner: Kettle Dill and XJ-13‘Herbs ‘n Spices’ Region Winner: Kettle Dill Pickle and XJ-13

Surprisingly, even though pickle chips are a polarizing flavor, our judges enjoyed them more when paired with the skunky, potent XJ-13

Elite Eight Round: ‘Tropical’

“When I smoke weed, it always tastes like dank basement.”

Non-sequitur while judging the Funyuns and Pineapple Express pairing

Mango Habanero/Mango Kush vs. Funyuns/Pineapple Express

Judges loved the Mango Kush, calling it “incredible” and hailing its notes of “mango, diesel, and soft zest.” Unfortunately, the mango habanero chips, while sweet, had a spicy kick that “never goes away and becomes quite cloying.”

Mango Habanero/Mango Kush Pairing Score: 11.7 / 20

Oh, Funyuns. You may not look appealing (one unimpressed judge succinctly described them as “dry. Full of holes. Yellow”), but you’re a guilty pleasure among cannabis enthusiasts. When consumed, judges said the chips “shattered into tiny, crispy morsels” and “were nice and salty.” Pineapple Express had notes of “burnt rubber, fuel, lime, spicy astringent,” and “7-Up effervescence.”

Funyuns/Pineapple Express Pairing Score: 15.1 / 20

Elite Eight Winner: Funyuns and Pineapple Express‘Tropical’ Region Winner: Funyuns and Pineapple Express

When it came to the popular Funyuns and Pineapple Express duo, as one judge put it, “These two really tasted better together.”

Elite Eight Round: ‘Hot ‘n Dirty’

“After one bag full I was on a one-way ride to Smaaaaacked-City.”

Honey BBQ Frito Twists and Sour Diesel pairing feedback

Spicy Nacho Doritos/Dutch Haze vs. Honey BBQ Frito Twists/Sour Diesel

Our judges loved the “exceptional” crunch of the Spicy Nacho Doritos and felt the Dutch Haze offered a pronounced “lemony flavor” and “some earthiness” on the exhale, enjoying the strain’s “subtle, uplifting yet relaxing effects.” However, when paired together, there wasn’t much increased enjoyment. As one judge put it, “The flavors of the pairing didn’t augment or accentuate each flavor; rather, the lemony diesel competed unfavorably with the cheesiness.”

Spicy Nacho Doritos/Dutch Haze Pairing Score: 12 / 20

Sour Diesel is a fan favorite, with one judge exclaiming that her sample had “pistils for days!” and “a nice burnt sienna color.” The Frito Twists had a “nice strong corn flavor and good texture,” although the powder flavoring was “bleh.” Vaping the Sour D released “notes of orange zest, fuel, and even some mint,” offering a “spacier high behind the eyes.”

Honey BBQ Frito Twists/Sour Diesel Pairing Score: 16 / 20

Elite Eight Winner: Frito Honey BBQ Twists and Sour Diesel‘Hot ‘n Dirty’ Region Winner: Honey BBQ Frito Twists and Sour Diesel

Although the Frito Twists weren’t favored on their own, our judges conceded that the “spacey high” of Sour Diesel let them “forget the flavor of the chips and just enjoy the crunch” as our hungry participants ate the whole bag, enjoying the nice mix of sweetness and earthiness.

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Pie Strains for your Pie-Day Brains

Pi Day (March 14th, 3.14) is upon again and beyond its humble lodging on the keypad of every graphing calculator on planet Earth, this string of numbers also lives within and among us, hidden in the foundation of all things. Let me explain, but first:

Pie is superior to cake. This is an indisputable truth.

Pi the number (3.14. . .) is not quite as decadent, yet this numerical expression is as integral to defining the shape of a pie and perhaps, of the universe itself, as atoms are to creating matter (which science represents as circular or spherical by nature). The circumference of a circle (or a pie) is defined using Pi — i.e. C (circumference of a circle) = 2πr (where r is radius). This most basic and universal of forms is seen throughout life; and like pie and Pi, life is complicated and numerous, and more apt to take all shapes than one as one shape representing all shapes. Please, bear with me. . .

Ralph Waldo Emerson, a poet, philosopher, and friend of Henry David Thoreau, wrote a brilliant essay entitled Circles. Here is taste to remind you of the importance of Pi:

The eye is the first circle; the horizon which it forms is the second; and throughout nature this primary figure is repeated without end. It is the highest emblem in the cipher of the world. St. Augustine described the nature of God as a circle whose centre was everywhere, and its circumference nowhere. We are all our lifetime reading the copious sense of this first of forms. One moral we have already deduced, in considering the circular or compensatory character of every human action. Another analogy we shall now trace; that every action admits of being outdone. Our life is an apprenticeship to the truth, that around every circle another can be drawn; that there is no end in nature, but every end is a beginning; that there is always another dawn risen on mid-noon, and under every deep a lower deep opens.

But that’s not all, not by a long shot. The best thing about Pi is the fact that each year on 3.14, we get to shamelessly celebrate this complex mathematical concept with its simpler and far tastier homonym, pie. And if you’re a cannabis consumer, celebrations can and should carry over into your strain selection. Here are nine pie-themed strains to help you bring a little puff puff pie into your life on this glorious, mathematical moment in time.


Cherry Pie x Cookies and Cream

Effects: Cherry Cream Pie is deeply relaxing. This aromatic strain offers a pleasant euphoria coupled with a deepening sedation and tasty terpene profile.

badge (2)

Cherry Pie x Face Off OG

Effects: Noted as one of the most “tingly” strains in the database, Pie Face OG’s strong indica-dominant backbone make it a brilliant evening strain that helps temper aches and pains while illuminating the mind.

badge (1)

Girl Scout Cookies phenotype

Effects: Key Lime Pie behaves very similarly to Girl Scout Cookies, offering euphoria and relaxation, but this strain’s terpene profile is rich with lime and mint while retaining the classic doughy aroma native to its parentage.

badge (4)

Granddaddy Purple x Durban Poison

Effects: Cherry Pie is a brilliant union of polar opposites. GDP’s deep sedation intermixed with Durban’s landrace stimulation make for a potent pairing worth your time.

badge (3)

Blue Dream x Girl Scout Cookies

Effects: Another deep tissue combo, Blueberry Pie mixes the dreamy mental buzz of Blue Dream against the deep relaxation of Girl Scout Cookies, creating a strain that is easy on both the body and the mind.

badge (8)

Blue Zombie x Cherry Pie

Effects: Zoom Pie stimulates the appetite (for pie, perhaps) and brightens the mind with the help of Cherry Pie’s Durban Poison lineage.

badge (7)

White Widow x Trainwreck

Effects: This fruity pie strain combines two well-established parents offering luscious physical effects that have been known to lead to arousal. And we all know where arousal leads: pie.

badge (6)

Key Lime Pie x Alien Rift

Effects: Jawa Pie offers a similar variety of euphoria found in the many of these strains, but simultaneously offers a stoney, care-free mental state that shrugs off stress and anxiety.

badge (5)

Unknown lineage

Effects: Our only pie strain without genetics as well as the only sativa-dominant entry on this list, Lemon Pie has been know to imbue consumers with a deep-seated happiness fitting for a day spent celebrating pie.

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New Strains Alert: Rainbow Jones, Fighting Buddha, Godzilla Glue, and More

Winter weather is  sticking around for some while spring has sprung early for others. But regardless of the weird weather, we are hoping to transplant a little tropical sunshine and some easygoing vibes with the help of a few new strains from our ‘ohana in Hawaii, Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank. A few tropical trees on this week’s roster include: a Colombian Gold “Mojito” phenotype; a brand new Gorilla Glue #4 cross; a caramel coffee treat; and a golden mashup that blends famous Central American and Hawaiian landrace sativas. These tropical treasures are joined by a twice-baked GSC cross, a sedative slap-shot cross of Granddaddy Purple and Casey Jones, and a pacifistic pugilist also known as Fighting Buddha. Roll on, friends.

Caramel Kona Coffee Kush is a flavorful, alliterative cross by Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank. This sweet wahine is luscious on the palate and heavy on the body, draping the limbs in cushy, weighted relaxation. CKC Kush’s Caramel Kush mother gives this strain its predominant flavor and physical effects, but the strain’s Kona Gold father shines through in latent spicy undertones and heady mental buzz. Noted as one of the most delicious strains in the Pua Mana archives, Caramel Kona Coffee Kush is a perfect strain to shrug off stress and treat yourself at the end of the day.

Fighting Buddha by Chimera Seeds is a energetic sativa for daytrippers looking to get stuff done. This strain grows tall stalks that have deep floral undertones overlaid by zesty key limes. Fighting Buddha’s buzz is defined by its mental clarity and motivating qualities, imbuing the consumer with an inspiring energy. Its generous resin production makes it ideal for producing hashish. Enjoy Fighting Buddha’s functional stimulation and mental clarity to help with productivity and fight stress and lethargy. This strain is a cross between Burmese Sativa and Blueberry.


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Moon Cookies is a twice deep GSC x GSC cross that is certain to moon rock you! This intergalactic herb’s stinky-sweet terpene profile is a complex melange of dough, earth, and green forest. The effects are those of classic Girl Scout Cookies, and the buds are resinous rocks that are hard and dense. Enjoy Moon Cookies into the afternoon as the physical effects of this strain can get heavier and more sedative with continued consumption. But in good measure, Moon Cookies offers a bright cerebral buzz that can improve mood while its physical effects mute minor physical discomfort, nausea, and stress.

Colombian Mojito by Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank is a refreshing and potent phenotype of the legendary landrace, Colombian Gold. Originally grown in the Santa Marta mountains of Colombia, this “mojito cut” exhibits a tropical terpene profile while offering notes of mint and tart citrus that speak to its namesake. Sourced by Masta Cylinda, this sativa-dominant strain hits the consumer between the eyes, leading into a blissful, stoney mental state that lingers in the body for hours. Enjoy Colombian Mojito to improve mood and help abate stress.

Rainbow Jones by Connoisseur Genetics is colorful indica-dominant strain with golden hairs are varying shades of purple. Created by crossing Granddaddy Purple and Casey Jones, this strain offers predominantly sedative effects coupled with Casey Jones’ heady euphoria. The terpene profile is tart and earthy while retaining an herbaceous spice upon combustion/vaporization. Enjoy Rainbow Jones later into the evening to assist with minor physical pain, depression, or restlessness.


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Godzilla Glue by Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank is a blend of Gorilla Glue #4 from Amazon Organics and Pua Mana’s own Killa Kine King Kamehameha Kailua-Kona Gold. This sticky, tropical coupling produces monstrous green stalks with fat, resinous colas that reek of pungent earth and pine with a hints hints of sweet tropical breeze. Godzilla Glue’s powerful euphoria is suited for seasoned consumers and over time can become rather sedative with continued consumption. Enjoy Godzilla Glue with care. This strain’s high-THC content and robust genetics make it welcome challenge for strain hunters and heavyweights.

What do you get when you cross two of the most potent equatorial sativa strains and plant them in the volcanic soil of paradise? You get Hawaiian Mayan Gold by Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank. This cross of Kona Gold and Colombian Mojito landraces produces massive sativa spears that reach for the sky. Growers take note, this strain can be difficult to tame without the proper vertical real estate. Hawaiian Mayan Gold’s stimulating energy, long-lasting effects, and tropical terpene profile make it an instant classic right out of the jar.

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Celebrate National Pancake Day With a Strain and a Short Stack

March 7 is National Pancake Day, a 24-hour timespan dedicated to truly one of life’s simple pleasures. These doughy discs can be made with approximately five ingredients. Savory or sweet, there’s a nearly endless number of culinary permutations of the pancake, including culturally relevant and distinct versions like the crepe and injera.

The American pancake was likely modeled after the Scotch pancake, also known as a drop scone. These griddle cakes are usually smaller and slightly fluffier than the more spread out American pancake. But all the same, these doughy delights can be enhanced with condiments, chocolate chips, nuts and seeds, toasted or dried fruit, and so on.

Whether you want to venture out into the world to enjoy some pancakes (IHOP offers a free short stack of their original buttermilk pancakes on this momentous holiday) or you want to make some infused cakes of your own, we urge you to enjoy your pancakes with any one of the following strains to boost energy and productivity:

Dutch Treat

Leafly Dutch Treat hybrid cannabis strain

Over the years, Dutch Treat has become an essential strain of the Amsterdam coffee shops. The dense, sticky buds have an intense smell of sweetfruits mixed with pine and eucalyptus trees. The cerebral high comes on quick and leaves consumers feeling uplifted and euphoric while reducing stress and relaxing the mind.

Jack Herer

Leafly Jack Herer sativa cannabis strain tile

Jack Herer was created in the Netherlands in the mid-1990s, where it was later distributed by Dutch pharmacies as a recognized medical-grade strain. Since then, the spicy, pine-scented sativa has taken home numerous awards for its quality and potency.

Allen Wrench

Leafly Allen Wrench sativa cannabis strain tile

A popular strain for sativa-lovers, Allen Wrench presents the best qualities of its parents, Trainwreck and NYC Diesel with crisp flavors of sour fruit. Its aroma has been characterized as sour and flowery, leaving a lingering scent of fruit.


Leafly Cinex sativa cannabis strain tile

Cinex, a hybrid of parents Cinderella 99 and Vortex, has a mixture of flavors ranging from sweet citrus to earthy skunk. The effects are clear-headed and uplifting, perfect for building a positive mindset and stimulating creative energy.

And, of course, you could opt for the hybrid Blueberry Pancakes while enjoying some blueberry pancakes, yo dawg-style (similar to our Blueberry Cheesecake/blueberry cheesecake experiment).

Leafly Blueberry Pancakes hybrid cannabis strain tile

Blueberry Pancakes is a delicious indica-dominant hybrid that miraculously tastes like blueberry pancakes. With dense, slightly purple buds, this strain exhibits an aroma of blueberries, grape, and dough. Flavors of syrup and tart berry are especially present when vaporized or when utilizing non-butane combustion techniques, like hemp wick or herb irons. Blueberry Pancakes offers classic indica effects, including a weighted, relaxing physical buzz that can curb physical discomfort, nausea, joint pain, and insomnia.


I Got High and Baked a Cannabis-Infused Blueberry Cheesecake and…

I’ll leave you all with a syrupy sweet poem in honor of this delectable treat:

Ode to Pancakes

When I rise to meet the world, I hope there are pancakes. As I saunter into the mirthless darkness of my living room, I hope upon hope that there are pancakes. The torch in my hand hisses as the ceramic nail glows—my senses become aroused by the tendrils of vapor that catch and hold the early morning light—I am awake and in search of pancakes.

O round discs of complex carbohydrates, join me at the feasting table to celebrate the bounty of mother nature. The pancake is not the first circle, but rather, the fourth, fifth, and sixth circles of my morning. My eye is the first, the sun the second, the toilet the third, but pancakes…you are the simplified, doughy recipe for life that helps me believe in the order of this universe. All ingredients are essential, even the excesses and misfits, like Greek yogurt and lemon zest, or diced bratwurst and feta. Pancake, your line of best fit is drawn with a fork. You fit as well under a blade as you do wrapped, like a scroll, and peered through like a telescope. I see through you, and on the other side is the world is my good morning, is my next step forward.

Pancakes, I love you.

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The Best Cannabis Strains and Products for Every Situation

Cannabis is uniquely versatile in that it can be enjoyed in many different ways, offering a countless variety of experiences with each creative combination. Between the vast landscape of available strains, preparations, and products available, one could feasibly enjoy a different strain and consumption method for each individual scenario. Understanding this is important when discerning between conducive strains and activities. Just as there are many ways one may pair cannabis properly with a given situation, it can be just as easy to improperly pair cannabis, leaving you with a potentially uncomfortable scenario.

Browse Different Cannabis Products

Creating a conducive pairing is a learned skill, so here are a few scenarios based on time of day, mood, and activity, where we recommend some appropriate strain types and consumption methods. Whether you’re using cannabis to wake up and motivate yourself or to relax and unwind, these are some of our favorite combinations to try out. (Keep in mind that these are merely suggestions; if you have a preferred consumption method, you’re free to substitute one of our recommendations with your tried-and-true delivery method.)

For Starting Out Your Day

Morning run

Strain: A pure sativa (e.g. Durban Poison)

Medium: Concentrate or flower

Consumption Method: Home vaporizer

Ideal for: A morning workout, running errands, tidying your space

Browse Cannabis Concentrates

Pure sativas like Durban Poison are essentially an espresso shot for the cannabis enthusiast. With the rise of hybridization, pure sativa strains are not easy to come by, but if your dispensaries carry them, pick up a strain or two as a morning pick-me-up. We recommend enjoying pure sativas either by use of a flower or concentrate vaporizer before heading out. The energy this strain will give you will complement any workout or morning activity perfectly!


Explore the Diverse World of Cannabis Oil and Concentrates

For After a Long Day

Together is our favourite place to be

Strain: A hybrid (e.g Fire OG)

Medium: Flower

Consumption Method: Large tabletop water pipe

Ideal for: Unwinding with some relaxation time

Browse Bongs and Water Pipes

Hybrids are often the preferred strain type for individuals looking for a relaxing solo couch session. Larger water pipes offer a “one-hitter quitter,” meaning you can feel the effects after one or two big hits. Fire OG is especially known for encouraging heavy relaxation without being too sleepy in the head, offering a perfect pairing for a night in with your favorite movie or TV show.

For Exploration in the Kitchen

Cooking Preparing Food Ingredient Vegetarian Concept

Strain: Any hybrid variety

Medium: Infused cooking oil

Consumption Method: Edible

Ideal for: A dinner party with friends

Browse Cannabis-Infused Edibles

Hybrid strains make for wonderful companions when it comes to infusing cooking oils for edibles. The next time you want to have friends over for a weekend dinner, try infusing your favorite hybrid strain into an olive oil to be used for meal preparations. Infused oils are also available in some markets, so don’t hesitate to ask your budtender about availability.


Recipe: How to Make Cannabis Cooking Oil

When having guests over, it’s important to consider the individual dosage preferences of each member in your party as overdosing a guest is not considered proper etiquette (that is, unless they’re fine with it), which is why olive oil is a great infusion option. In this case, you can offer it in a tabletop condiment, such as an infused salad dressing, to be dosed to meet everyone’s individual tolerances.

For Calm Self-Reflection

Close up of legs walking in the forest

Strain: A high-CBD, indica-dominant option (e.g. Critical Mass)

Medium: Flower

Consumption Method: Rolled joint

Ideal for: A peaceful walk


Which Cannabis Strains Are High in CBD?

If you’re in need of a stress-suppressing long walk, a mild indica-dominant hybrid like Critical Mass is your perfect companion. Many phenotypes of this strain exhibit elevated levels of the known stress-reducing compound cannabidiol (CBD). Who doesn’t like a nice joint and a peaceful walk? (Just make sure you’re enjoying your cannabis in the most non-invasive way possible when in populated spaces; also, keep in mind that many legal markets prohibit public consumption under penalty of fine or citation.)

For Discrete Consumption

Smoking E-Cigarette

Strain: Sativa-dominant hybrid (e.g. Sour Diesel)

Medium: CO2 concentrate

Consumption Method: Portable vaporizer pen

Ideal for: Quiet consumption while on the go

Browse Portable Vaporizers

Unlike a joint, which can be rather odiferous when consumed in the presence of others, vaporizer pens loaded with CO2 concentrates make for a discreet companion while you are out and about. A Sour Diesel extract, being a sativa-dominant hybrid, affords you the adequate energy boost you will need without alerting the world of your activities. Loaded in a vaporizer pen, this oil will carry out throughout your day while remaining as inconspicuous as it is portable.


Which Type of Vaporizer Best Suits You?

For Relaxed Non-Smokers

white bathtub in outdoor bath

Strain: Any indica-dominant variety

Medium: CBD-infused bath product

Consumption Method: Topical application

Ideal for: De-stressing after a long day

Browse Cannabis Topicals

You don’t have to inhale your cannabis to have a good time, and certain strains can make for fantastic infused products. Try a relaxing bubble bath with a CBD-infused bath bomb or topical lotion. Many times, these products are used by infusing cannabis concentrates into soaps and lotions for the purpose of topical applications. All cannabinoids, including THC and CBD, can be absorbed efficiently though the skin with a proper carrier oil. If smoking isn’t your thing, a product of this variety may be just what you’re looking for!


What Are Cannabis Topicals and How Do They Work?

For Late Night Moments

Sad girl lying in bed

Strain: A pure indica (e.g. Hindu Kush)

Medium: Concentrate

Consumption Method: Tabletop dab rig

Ideal for: A potent good night’s sleep

Browse Dabbing Products

Who needs a sleeping pill when you have a dab rig loaded with a pure indica concentrate? Forget couch lock; when dabbed out of a tabletop rig, indicas like Hindu Kush will put you right to sleep. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a strain like this, make sure you keep it around for those “hard to fall asleep” occasions.” Very rarely will a comfortable-sized dab of a heavy indica concentrate leave you anywhere but in the folds of your pillow.


The Best Dab Rig for You

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New Strains Alert: Alien Dutchess, Katsu Bubba Kush, and More

Happy Friday! This week we are sharing some of Southern California’s finest from Los Angeles Kush and Bert Baccarat, as well as showing some love for the Midwest horticulturist masterminds over at Cresco Labs in Illinois. Some of the hot picks include: Alien Dutchess, a spicy Dutch Treat Haze and Alien OG cross; Scout’s Honor, an OG Kush Breath cross that pays homage to GSC genetics while marching to its own drum; and Extreme Cream, dipping into OG and Cookie genetics to fashion a delicious strain worth sharing. This week, many of our new strains share the possibility for appetite stimulation. Sound off and share your must-have munchies for a long weekend with your favorite hungry strain.

Alien Dutchess by Cresco Labs brings together strong euphoria and deep relaxation to create a strain that is as potent as it is refined. Created by crossing Dutch Treat Haze and Alien OG, this strain exhibits a spicy, herbaceous aroma with hints of pine and lemon. The earthy and citrus notes shine through upon consumption. Alien Dutchess has been known to stimulate appetite and help abate nausea, headaches, and stress.


10 Cannabis Strains That Won’t Make You (As) Hungry

Extreme Cream by Exotic Genetix is the pungent cross between Extreme OG and Cookies & Cream. This strain develops deep purple colas dusted with trichomes and emits a strong, earthy aroma that is somehow creamy on the nose and buttery on the palate. Extreme Cream’s effects are uplifting, offering mood elevation that abates anxiety and spurs conversation. Expect traditional indica effects alongside heady euphoria, appetite stimulation, and couch lock.

Katsu Bubba Kush is a unique Bubba Kushphenotype with a deep, floral terpene profile. Representing its genetic namesake in appearance and bud structure, Katsu Bubba’s nugs are dense and resinous. This strain’s high THC content hits the consumer with powerful euphoria that cascades over the body, relaxing and weighing down extremities. Utilize Katsu Bubba Kush to help with insomnia, nausea, and minor pain. Also, anticipate strong appetite stimulation.


Cannabis and Sleep: 10 Things to Know About Your Herbal Nightcap

Strawberry Blondie by Los Angeles Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid with soothing effects and full flavors. Created by crossing the famous Strawberry Banana with another indica-dominant dose of fruitiness, Banana OG, this fruit basket strain offers a sweet and flavorful terpene profile with relaxing effects. Known as an exceptional sleep aid, Strawberry Blondie imbues the consumer with an introspective mental buzz and a deep body high that slowly lulls consumers into a meditative and peaceful physical state.

Bertberry Cheesecake by Bert Baccarat is a bright sativa-dominant cross of Alien Moonshine and UK Cheese. This strain’s terpene profile is rich with sweet citrus, and its buds are bulbous, bright green, and tangled in orange hairs. Bertberry Cheesecake is both mentally and physically stimulating, offering creativity and strong euphoria. But mind your dosage, as Bertberry Cheesecake has been known to overstimulate consumers prone to anxiety.


8 Ways to Counteract a Too-Intense Cannabis High

Scout’s Honor is an indica-dominant hybrid created by Bert Baccarat and produced by Los Angeles Kush. This strain grows dense, resinous buds with sporadic purple foliage and a generous dusting of trichomes. Scout’s Honor is a cross of OGKB (OG Kush Breath) and OG Kush, giving the strain a pungent, earthy aroma overlaid with a doughy sweetness. This savory and sweet strain stimulates the appetite while imbuing the consumer with weighted, euphoric relaxation. Enjoy Scout’s Honor to help with stress, insomnia, and minor pain relief.

KT Dawg offers a complex mixture of effects that soothes and uplifts. This hybrid blends anti-inflammatory pain relief and pleasurable physical effects with a focused, cerebral buzz. KT Dawg’s aroma is pungent, reeking of skunk and forest floor. The earthy terpenes mellow on the palate while stimulating appetite and creativity. KT Dawg is a cross of Kunduz,  Tang Tang, and Stardawg.

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