The application preparation repair warned me about the time frame

When I decided to sell even-handed marijuana, I had to file for an application to grow as well as sell the cannabis plants, however i was already growing as well as selling cannabis at the time, despite the fact that I wanted to run a even-handed business.

I was tired of worrying about the police as well as the FBI.

The end of the year was coming soon as well as then it would be time for the laws to change. I wanted to be ready, so I contacted a couple of people to help with the process. One man referred me to an application preparation repair that consults on these projects. They helped me fill out all of the paperwork as well as did not charge me anything. They also gave me some interesting learning materials that were helpful. The booklet listed many bizarre companies to help me with advertising as well as packaging. When I filled out the paperwork as well as both of us sent it to the state, the application preparation repair warned me that it was genuinely going to take many or 8 weeks before I would hear anything at all! Since it was getting close to the end of the year, I was upset that I wouldn’t have our licensing before December 1st. I contacted the state approval board on February 16th as well as they told me that our application was still being processed. Thank goodness I received the finalization as well as licensing in the mail on the 28th. It makes me wonder if they did not even look at our application until I called on the 16th. It was oddly bizarre how the time frame seemed to coincide.

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