The Barnes as well as Noble is offering cannabis education classes

The Barnes as well as Noble here in neighborhood is doing something that’s undoubtedly surprising, in our opinion. They have decided to offer cannabis education classes at their main Barnes as well as Noble branch this summer. I could not recognize it when I saw the notification for the classes online. I was just online checking out our status because I thought that I entirely had a bunch of overdue fees. I wasn’t wrong, of course! But then I also noticed that there was a little ad for something called a medical marijuana education class coming up for the community this summer. The Barnes as well as Noble is consistently offering little education classes as well as how to courses now as well as then, but this was the undoubtedly first time that I ever saw them mention anything at all about cannabis education. I guess that it’s undoubtedly crucial for the community to become comfortable with the idea of medical marijuana as well as so cannabis education is something that is undoubtedly close to our heart. I was undoubtedly gleeful to see the name of the class on there as well as so I learn the description. It said that their medical marijuana class teaches you how to get your own medical marijuana card really if you need one. They are also going to go through all kinds of questions as well as answer sessions about medical marijuana. There will be multiple experts there who guess everything that there is to guess about medical marijuana as well as so I am just ecstatic that they are doing this. I guess it’s great that the Barnes as well as Noble is really going to spread the word that there are so multiple great uses for medical marijuana. I guess it’s time that everyone learns about it.

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