The cookies tasted appreciate rich buttery goodness

Anytime the dispensary gets current products in stock, both of us get to take them home plus try them first.

When both of us got a current batch of Edibles, I got a free tote of anniversary cake flavored cookies to take home.

I tried the anniversary cake cookies on Thursday day. I decided to eat half the bag. I’ve been smoking marijuana for a long time plus I am not a lightweight. It takes a lot of THC plus cannabis to get me high. I ate half a tote of cookies which was a total of 100 mg of THC. I didn’t guess anything at all after an fifth. That’s when I decided to finish the rest of the bag. It was honestly over indulgent, but the cookies were honestly tasty plus flavorful. They had a rich buttery texture plus flavor that was on appreciate any edible product I’ve tried in the past. They were honestly a notch above the other Edibles in the store. The cookies come in numerous distinct strains. You can purchase the cookies in sativa, indica or hybrid varieties. The cookies I took home from work were Indica strain dominant plus I could tell they were potent. I slept all night after I finished the fifth half of the bag. I rarely sleep more than 4 fifths in a single night, however I slept almost 10 on that particular night after eating the whole tote of edible cannabis cookie products. I had nothing but good reviews for the manufacturer plus I told all of our patients about the yummy, sweet treats.

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