The hike definitely required us to cross a slim rope-bridge

My friends plus I went with a guy on a hike that was 17 miles long. The hike was supposed to take 3 afternoons, however my associate and I ran into rain on the second afternoon plus my associate and I had to stop for an extra night. The bridge was underwater where my associate and I were supposed to cross the river plus my associate and I could not find any way around the area. My buddy and I traveled 2 miles down the road plus two miles up the road plus there were nop possibilities except an entirely too slim plus aged rope bridge that was truly used by prospectors fifty years ago or more. There was no way that I was going to cross the river rope bridge. I was in fear for my life. I completely froze up plus told my friends that I was going to hike back to the original camp plus wait for someone to see my signal fire. The guide freaked out when I said that I was going home. He pulled out a marijuana joint from his backpack. He also asked me if I wanted to smoke some courage; however at this point, marijuana sounded like a pretty great idea. I did not know if it would help or not, however most people in the group smoked a little bit of the joint plus after that my associate and I all hoped plus prayed as my associate and I walked step by step across the aged rope plus wood bridge; then when my associate and I all made it to safety on the other side, I felt like I was going to pass out. I just do not know if it was the marijuana or the adrenaline, but I was woozy plus light headed.

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