The nature outside of the neighborhood is stunning

When Sam retired, he moved to a small property near the town, with a dream of becoming a successful nature photographer, and sam worked strenuous for 40 years to support his family, so he was determined to spend his final years pursuing his passions, however for Sam, his greatest passion was taking gorgeous pictures of landscapes as well as wildlife… This is why he picked this town, not because of the neighborhood itself, however because of all the natural beauty that surrounds it, then now that I have finally visited him up here, I see the appeal! The landscapes are tremendous, especially during sunrise as well as sunset, not to mention the locally grown cannabis is out of this world! Sam as well as I have smoked cannabis together since my good friend and I were youngsters, as well as the local strains are both delicious as well as potent.

The first weekend I visited, my area was hosting a major sailing regatta, something I’m told is a proper occurrence here.

Sam as well as I went to the the neighborhood harbor overlooking Lake MI, as well as he took pictures of the majestic boats while I smoked cannabis as well as relaxed. From there my good friend and I visited the Museum of Art, which was much greater as well as expansive than I ever would have thought for a neighborhood this size, what I care about most about the neighborhood is that it has all the qualities of a peaceful small time, yet the culture as well as art of a major metropolitan area, and once I think about that, plus the abundance of amazing cannabis, I understand why Sam moved there, as well as I may just join him there.

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