The new cook was smoking marijuana out back

Someone found him smoking marijuana out back by the dumpster

I started working as the assistant manager at the restaurant last week. I waited a very long time for the promotion. I thought I would become assistant manager six or eight months ago. When the promotion was finally offered to me, I jumped on the opportunity. I had to hire two new cooks for the line and two waiters for the night shift as well. I interviewed several applicants and a lot of people had good qualifications and a strong resume. I thought it would be easy to find some good applicants, but I never expected to have so many people that I did not know who to choose. Out of the stack of applications, I chose two very young and talented line cooks that had great references and a resume filled with experience. I tested both of the guys in the kitchen when they interviewed and they both displayed excellent skills. They new recipes off the top of their heads and knew how to cook some of the most basic dishes that you might find on our menu. One of the new cooks started a few nights ago. We had a super busy night shift for dinner time and we were all busy for hours. The cook disappeared when things died down. Someone found him smoking marijuana out back by the dumpster. I absolutely had to address the marijuana usage in the store parking lot. I warned the cook that he would lose his job if we caught him using marijuana on the property again. I told the guy to go for a walk or a drive, but don’t get high where the customers can see you.


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