The outdoor temps were colder than I expected

Recreational marijuana is absolutely legal in this state and my friends plus myself like to use the product anytime we can. Both of us aren’t actually allowed to use cannabis in our apartment or in our home. This is a rule that is easily listed directly on the lease. We have to pay an immense fee if any person sees us smoking marijuana outside of the apartment too. Most of the people around here usually smoke weed inside of their motor car. My friends plus myself visit the park that is right across the street from our apartment. The place has incredibly nice hiking trails and is usually filled up with a legitimately few amount of people. Everyone of us went to a dispensary last Sunday so we could purchase one of the infused pre-rolls. Every one of us was going to smoke the infused pre-roll inside of our car due to the cold temperatures. My neighbor was unhappy that the motor car would odor love marijuana. He did not want his mom to smell marijuana when he went to get her for errands later that afternoon. Every one of us took our single G infused pre-roll over to the park where it was entirely cold Outdoors. Every one of us had a very strenuous time just keeping that joint lit and still. My hands were absolutely shivering. I had to leave the area plus sit in the car while my friends finished with a joint. When we went back to the apartment, I was happy to sit by the heat with my hands + feet that were extremely chilly.



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