The Spark: Best British Columbia Art Walks to Enjoy While High

The Best High Art Walks in Major Cannabis Markets | Leafly(anouchka/iStock)

Canada’s exceptional art walks, coupled with the backdrop provided by the country’s natural beauty, are the perfect excuse to while away any cannabis-enhanced evening. The following are the best to pair with bud in BC.

British Columbia

The great Nelson ArtWalk has been going for almost 30 years and, luckily, shows no signs of stopping. The Nelson and District Arts Council (NDAC) supports local artists including classic painters, sculptors, and jewelry makers; they also sponsor live performances of theater, music, and dance. With all that to appreciate at once, this art walk pairs perfectly with a pre-roll of Rene—once you have a heady high going, be sure to step into the Touchstones Museum of Art and History where you can view Jack Shadbolt’s dynamic “Momentum” collection.

Date: Once per year—June 23September 10, 2017

Time: 6pm–9:30pm


The History of Cannabis in Canada

Every year the Lake Country community becomes a bustling artistic metropolis flush with fascinating pieces and new designs. One of the largest art walks in the Okanagan, Lake Country hosts close to 300 artists and up to 3,000 pieces, making it a world-class event within a small town. To amp up your excitement, load a vape with some magnifying OG Shark: by the end of the walk you’ll feel positively uplifted and creatively inspired.

Date: Once per year—September 910, 2017

Time: 10am–5pm


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Vancouver is a city marked by creativity and free-flowing talent—not to mention delectable food, interesting architecture (check out the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion), and a vast array of daring individuals. The Vancouver art walk doesn’t stray from those cornerstones. Spend a long morning at the Medina Café and dig into their savory breakfast fricassée before lighting up the buzzy local favorite Tangerine Haze and setting off.

Date: First Fridays, year-round

Time: 5pm–10pm

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