The Top THC-Dominant Strains of Washington State in Fall 2017

#5 | Lemonder by Seattle’s Private Reserve

Characteristics of Seattle's Private Reserve's Lemonder cannabis strain, the #5-rated THC-dominant strain in Washington state for fall 2017

Price: $45/eighth

Lemonder by Seattle’s Private Reserve leaves an immediate impression with an aroma that smells like fresh-squeezed lemons and flowering herbs. The soft lime-green buds crack open easily, filling the nose with a diversity of funky, floral, and citrus aromas inherited from its parent genetics: Lavender, OG Kush, and Super Lemon Haze. Its intricate but fragile flavor profile collapses with heat, delivering fleeting hints of candied lemon. This flavor is refreshing but subdued compared to its impeccable lemon astringent aroma. Anyone with a sweet tooth for lemon-loaded strains should not walk, but run to the nearest dispensary stocking Lemonder.

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From the Tasting Notebook:

“This is the best aroma I have smelled so far. Lemon, cream, spice, and a middle savory note that mellows the lemon in a weird way.” –Jeremiah

“Very healthy-looking lime green coloration and incredible lemon astringent aroma. It’s easy to focus in the stillness of its pleasant effects.” –Bailey

#6 | GG4 by North Coast Growers

Characteristics of North Coast Grower's GG4 cannabis strain, the #6-rated THC-dominant strain in Washington state for fall 2017

Price: $50-63.00/eighth

Sticky, euphoric, and reeking of sour fuel, GG4 (formerly known as Gorilla Glue #4) is easy to pick out of a crowd. This particular rendition from North Coast Growers was a polarizing force among our tasters, but the consensus brought this strain to #6 on our list. The close shave of the trim and subtlety of aroma and flavor were, for some, a miss. But others favored the trim and aroma, admiring its poignant odor of gas and pine. Hints of sweet white tea and aged sour cheese hit the palate on the exhale, a divisive but unique flavor that lacked somewhat in strength.

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From the Tasting Notebook:

“Its flavor is sharp pine with a hint of parmesan funk. Really deep and complex earthy notes that finish sweet with a tingle of citrus.” –Will

“This one has a deep herbal and pine aroma with a light skunky gas note. The onset of effects is jarring and intense—deeply euphoric and trippy.” –Bailey

#7 | Jet Fuel by Sweet As!

Characteristics of Sweet As! Cannabis Co.'s Jet Fuel cannabis strain, the #7-rated THC-dominant strain in Washington state for fall 2017

Price: $36/eighth

This take on Jet Fuel by Sweet As! is decidedly one of the best values when its quality-to-price ratio is considered. The strain has immediate bag appeal, showing off fuzzy, healthy green buds under a coat of gluey resin. Sweet and earthy aromas fill the nose, hinting at a spice rack of different terpenes. Jet Fuel scored well across the board, proving to be an all-around solid choice for those seeking a potent strain with a moderate offering of fragrances and flavors.

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From the Tasting Notebook:

“It has a sweet, skunky zest with a funky sour aroma that opens up with bright intensity. When smoked, it tastes like turpentine.” –Bailey

“Sweet, fresh, earthy aroma with subtle hints of spice and licorice when ground up. Effects are thought-provoking with cerebral energy out the gate.” –Will

#8 | GG4 by From the Soil

Characteristics of From the Soil's GG4 cannabis strain, the #8-rated THC-dominant strain in Washington state for fall 2017

Price: $50/eighth

From the Soil’s GG4 (formerly known as Gorilla Glue #4) is yet another solid take on the sticky, stinky favorite. The aroma of this strain was somewhat muted in the jar, but when ground up, the strain shares its fragrant secret in full: stinging fuel, sharp pine, and a whisper of sweet lemon. Its exhaled flavor is dampened by heat, giving rise to vague earthy flavors with a slight tinge of mint best preserved by a vaporizer. The effects rest neatly in the head, singing away stress and tension with warm euphoria.

From the Tasting Notebook:

“Buds offer little on the nose until broken up, but once cracked open, there’s a pleasant, funky aroma. Its swampy, earthy flavor sticks to the tongue but fades away pretty quickly.” –Jeremiah

“Smells earthy, woody, and muted as a nug. When cracked open, it exposes a loud fuel/gas scent reminiscent of Kush. Smells fantastic when ground up!” –Will 

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